Thursday, December 23, 2010

A year later

Today a year ago I had an an accident. Due to it initially being diagnosed as a sprain I didn't see a physio for a few months. The first consultant told me I'd be walking within 3 months which proved to be too optimistic. Finally after 4 months I had a full diagnosis:

  • Bone bruising (fractures under the soft surface of the bone) within my knee
  • 2 torn medial hamstrings on the inside of my thigh
  • Medial ligament torn off the bone
  • Severe damage to the muscle on the outside of my thigh

A year later I can walk but have a pronounced limp. I'm no longer on Tramadol but have to use a walking stick if I go out and still have difficulty with lots of simple things including put a sock on my right foot.

I'm hoping to make a full recovery and am aiming to be able to run with Oscar again.

A year ago I considered two women to be very close friends.

One has been absolutely amazing. Without her help we would have probably have to re-home Oscar as I couldn't cope with him at all. She came in to help me nearly every lunch time for 7 months to walk both dogs, bring me something to eat & drink and help me to the loo etc. On rare days when she couldn't help DH would take half a day off work as I really couldn't cope all day on my own. When physiotheraphy finally started DH would drop me off on his way to work & she would pick me up as I wasn't allowed to drive until the end of May.

I haven't heard from the other friend since February or March.

It's really proven to me that when things get tough you find out who your friends are!

I've put some weight on due to the pain killing properties of chocolate and a total inability to exercise but have decided to forget about dieting this Christmas. Last year the celebrations were a fog of pain to be honest and I just want to relax and enjoy the time with my family this year. When I can move without pain I'm hoping to be able to exercise again.

I gave this amazing friend a present last week of pure cashmere yarn from ColourMart as a 'Thank You for Everything' present and it brought tears to her eyes

Now if I could only shake off this stinkin' cold.......

Thursday, December 02, 2010

It goes on......

The snow is getting deeper and it's getting colder....

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Poor old girl

Annie didn't enjoy her walk this morning as she had to plod through 16" of snow. She'll be 10 years old next April and is slowing down.
Oscar at 3 years of age had a fantastic time....

However this information is second hand as my knee isn't yet up to walking in snow so my husband is exercising them and has been for nearly a year.... Thanks!

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Winter wonderland

It snowed heavily over night & is still coming down. I've been trying to keep the bird feeders full and clear of snow but am fighting a losing battle.

This morning Oscar bounced through a foot of snow whereas poor Annie plodded. Neither were impressed with the bucket of warm water I dipped their legs into!

The street light in the street behind our garden lends a Narnia like touch to the scene.

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