Monday, June 25, 2007

Update on flooding

DD is on cloud nine as her school is closed tomorrow but we couldn't have got there even if it were open as the car is still where I left it on a hill near my office. The whole area has been really bad affected & a man died this afternoon after being trapped in a manhole not far from us

DH's work mate who help us get DD from school & brought us all home has unfortunately been unable to get home himself. His wife is also stuck so their 14 year old daughter is at home alone with a dog & five cats

MIL has water coming through her kitchen ceiling & no electricity in the kitchen & DH feel powerless as he can't go & help her.

The rain is predicted to ease off over night but I can imagine there will still be lots of problems here tomorrow.

I'm just so glad we bought a house on a hill. Do you remember me mentioning a house that we viewed last year flooding recently? It's bad again & DH captured it on a video:

The dogs are not impressed as they hate getting wet but at least the cats can use the cat tray in the conservatory.

ETA: DH has just spoken to his sister & they're just about to be flooded. They're trying to get things upstairs & have 3 young children. Poor DH he feels so helpless that he can't help his Mother & Sister.


Donna said...

I'm glad you didn't buy that house!! I'm also glad that you're all home safely and together. I'll be thinking of you all - we've had bad flooding in Sydney the last few weeks, although it's been okay here.

Put a Sock in it said...

You have my sympathy about the weather. We've had our basement (aka the office and craft room) flood a couple of times, and it's no fun.

Hope you all stay safe, and that the bad weather passes soon.

Kim said...

hi - i'm a knitter in seattle, but my boyfriend lives in hull and i was just back there for the first couple weeks of the month. i'm sorry that you're having such problems with the flooding, and i hope it recedes soon - i was around for the first round of rain and waded a bit down newland avenue.

anyway - just wanted to wish you the best.

ra said...

blimey, saw it on the news last night. Good thing you're all home and (relatively) dry tho. Puts the (minor) leaks in my kitchen ceiling into perspective.

Good luck.