Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Grumpy Fish

Last weekend I made a little extra present for my MIL's birthday to go with her Grumpy Fish Travel Organiser.

Drawstring bag
Drawstring bag

I thought that a little drawstring bag would be really useful when travelling to keep essentials together in a handbag or rucksack. This was the first time that I'd used the button hole function on my sewing machine and it's so easy!

button hole on drawstring bag
close up of button hole

Now to learn how to make a drawstring bag with a circular base.....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caroline's Crochet Hook Case

This is the last of the handmade Christmas presents that I made:

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case

I started with this pattern and made myself a prototype. However it wasn't exactly what I was looking for so I changed a few things:

Caroline uses Clover Soft Touch hooks so I made it wider to accommodate the bulkier hooks.

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case for Clover Soft Touch hooks

I also added an extra set of pockets to accommodate her hook collection as it grows:

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case with double pocket

and the pockets on the right are wider to holder the bigger sizes:

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case

I also had to angled the top flap due to the bulky nature of the hooks:

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case open

as I didn't want fabric sticking out when it was folded up:

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case with flap down

Finally I added fabric ties rather than a button as I thought it was more secure and less hassle when using it.

The verdict was that's it's perfect for her needs and she loves it

However I wish I'd bought more than half a metre of the fabrics....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some knitting for a change

My mojo deserted me for a while (again) but at last I have finished something:

Jacques Cousteau Hat
Jacques Cousteau Hat for DH

Pattern: Jacques Cousteau Hat
Yarn: Wendy Mode DK in Denim shade 227
Needles: 3.5mm
Time taken to knit: November 8th 2010 to January 15th 2011

Jacques Cousteau Hat
Jacques Cousteau Hat decrease

I made him another hat last winter and although nice to look at it wasn't deep enough for him as he wants to be able to protect his neck on early morning walks with the dogs and this fits the bill.

I've also cast on for something else:

toe up socks toes
Purple toes....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stop Press

There is a knitted Finished Object in the blueadt house!

Washing and blocking needs to be carried out before photographic evidence can be provided but the rumour has been confirmed by a reputable source.

So in the meantime

blue & white longhaired cat
Frankie says Relax.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let it fly.....

Following on from my last post I can finally reveal some more of the things that I made as Christmas presents:

Travel Organiser
Grumpy Fish Travel Organiser for my MIL

Pattern: Travel Organizer Tutorial by Thimble

With pockets for a passport, tickets, boarding pass and two zipped pockets for coins I thought that these would make useful gifts to be used for years to come.

Grumpy Fish Travel
Grumpy Fish Travel Organiser close up showing the zips

To date this is the most complicated sewing pattern I've tackled. I did it whilst having a crafty day with a couple of friends and without their help it wouldn't have been a success. The zips proved to be a bit complicated but I got there in the end.

Travel organiser
Grumpy Fish Travel Organiser closed

I'm not happy with the elastic closure as I didn't measure it accurately & it's wonky but after nearly 7 hours of work I didn't have the heart to unpick it and reposition the elastic.

Then one for my Step Mum:

Travel organiser
Flower Travel organiser

I was delighted when I found this solid cobalt blue cotton in Dunelm as it's just right with the other two fabrics.

Travel organiser
Blue flower Travel organiser

and straight elastic!

Travel organiser
Flower Travel organiser

and finally one for my Dad:

Travel organiser
Travel Organiser

Dad loves oranges so I had to search for the right fabrics.

Travel organiser
~Travel Organiser

I couldn't buy orange zips locally but found them here. However the smallest zips they sell are 7" so I made his organiser slightly bigger than the others but I now know that I could have cut them down once sewn into the fabric.

and a shot of the cover with the elastic tucked inside but it's straight I promise:

Travel organiser
~Travel Organiser

I added medium weight iron-on interfacing to the two largest pieces of fabric to make them stiffer. DH thinks that the closure needs re-thinking as he's not impressed by the elastic but I'm happy with them.

I've also made another one but it won't be going to it's new home for a while so for now stays hidden. There is also another Christmas present to share but that deserves a post of it's own....

Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas gifts

Well the cold turned into flu & knocked me flat. DD got it first & in true style was generous with her germs and then I in turn gave it to DH. So Christmas was a bit of a washout in our house to be honest.

My knitting mojo has deserted me yet again and everything I touch seems to go wrong so I haven't been doing much of it. So instead I've been sewing. I made some Christmas presents but they were of the fabric kind rather than fibre.

Firstly a make up bag for my 13 year old niece:

red handmade zipped makeup bagmakeup bag

Pattern: Makeup bag Tutorial by 'Come and see the Seitz'

I lined the bag in black cotton but forgot to get a photo of it open.

This was only the second time that I've inserted a zip so it was a bit nerve racking but I'm pleased with the outcome. I put a Boots giftcard inside so she can treat herself to something to put inside it.

Then a bag for her 10 year old sister:

blue batik tote bag
blue batik tote bag

and a peek at the fish fabric that I used for the lining:

blue batik fish material bag lining
blue batik fish material bag lining

It's a pattern I've used before but I left off the applique this time.

The bag in particular was well received and taken to school this week with pencil case and other treasures.

I made a few other things as well but am waiting to hear that they've been received before I share the details.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Airedales playing

Although a bit late I thought some of you would enjoy these photos. The first few were taken in the heavy snow we had early in December:

Airedales playing in snow
Oscar jumping on Annie

Airedale Terrier in snow
Oscar sniffing something.......

Airedale Terrier in snow
Oscar enjoying the snow

Then we had more snow just before Christmas:

Airedale Terrier in snow
Oscar posing with his beloved ball

Airedale Terriers in snow
Oscar & Annie running

Airedale Terrier in snow
Oscar bouncing with his ball

Oscar LOVES the snow.....