Wednesday, October 26, 2005

All I ask is

Why? ?????

[warning sexual content do not click on the above link if you are easily offended]

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Winter scarves & sock progress

Tess from Angel Yarns sent me a freebie a while ago with something that I'd ordered. 50g in a dark pink. DD saw it as I opened the package & immediately jumped on it stroking it against her face, begging me to make her something as the yarn was soooooo soft even though it was pink & she refuses to wear girly colours. I had intended to make a small neck shrug but 50g wasn't quite enough so I rang Tess & ordered another ball. She didn't have any black in (DD's favourite colour) so I got a dark purple. However when it was finished she totally refused to wear it as it was just too girly!! So guess who's got a new scarf!

Purple & pink scarf
Purple & pink scarf

So yesterday afternoon I cast on for a new scarf for DD, using up two balls of Laines Du Nord Korall, a gorgeous Merino that had been lurking in my stash cupboard. There have been lots of posts recently on UK Handknitting about curly scarves so I created one for DD as I was curious about its construction.

Curly scarf
Curly scarf

It was very close & I had a few bits left over. The last few rows took ages as I had 474 stitches on one 80cm circular needle & I finished it today whilst supervising DD & her friend create Master Pieces which involved tubs of glue & lots of 'bits'. The glue could have gone everywhere a risk I wasn't willing to take so I had to stay downstairs & supervise them rather than do the housework upstairs. Details of both a knitted & crochet versions can be found here here.

I've also finished the first sock Regia 6 ply from my SP5

First sock finished
First sock finished

I ended up ordering another ball of Regia 6 ply from Angel Yarns as I got this far with the first 50g ball The original 50g took me to the 1st decrease round for the toe which can been seen in the last black stripe. So that I don't suffer from Second Sock Syndrome I've already cast on for the second sock:

Second sock
Second sock

Dog photos

As requested by KC some 'puppy' pics:


Doesn't she look shaggy


They both adore this rug in the living room but are only allowed in there by invitation so she stretches out & goes deaf so she doesn't hear you calling her back into the kitchen.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

SP - you're a star!

Just when a girl needs cheering up - there was a parcel patiently waiting at the sorting office to be collected. My SP has done it again. Look what I found when I opened the parcel yesterday:

A fantastic card from the Knitting & Crochet Guild which DD was absolutely mesmerised by:

Knitted Afternoon Tea
Knitted Afternoon Tea

She stared at it for ages click here for a closeup.

Then this:

Regia Silk
Regia Silk

It's from the Web of Wool and is the most beautiful delicate pale blue silk, yes SILK, sock yarn! I'll have to find a toe up pattern for it. No more top down for me!

Also filling the jiffy bag with the most delightful scent was a bar of soap from Potions & Possibilities

Orange & Calendula soap
Orange & Calendula soap

Plus a Lucky Dip bag of Assorted Buttons, Sweepings & Findings from Heritage Buttons (no link as I couldn't find a url) in West Sussex:


Finally the offer of a personal delivery of the third package at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching show next month!!! I can't wait as I'm really curious to find out who you are SP! Loads of clues but so far none match blogs that I've read.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

According to Google I hate....

  1. my mother

  2. the vet and start peeing?!?

  3. men and am portrayed as a ball-buster; very strong & capable, and attractive

  4. the colours green and yellow

  5. the paparazzi

  6. the bazaar and shopping in general

  7. Pattis because she stole The show at Motown at The Apollo

  8. waking up early

  9. coconuts

  10. anybody taller or with A bigger bust than me

Well again the first one is true (apologies to those out there who had a great childhood - I didn't). My vet Paul is a lovely guy but I don't want to pee in front of him as I'm really not into that kind of thing.

No I don't hate men (am just very upset by one at the moment), yes I'm not keen on yellow & I do avoid having my photo taken but have never been chased by the paparazzi.

I do detest clothes shopping, have no ape against Pattis and don't mind waking up early (sometimes).

I do like coconuts & don't have a problem with taller women with bigger boobs - I'm not bothered honestly, each to their own!

Friday, October 21, 2005

I've changed my mind

I'll do my ironing from now on....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

According to Google I need......

  1. a hug

  2. prayers

  3. to cheer up

  4. to be nominated for the Kennedy Center Honors

  5. to come over and turn your charming studio into a warehouse loft

  6. 1000 mg today, and I start my day with cereal and milk

  7. a wealthy husband who can provide me with the high life I crave whilst sheltering me

  8. a Roommate!

  9. to go to the rest room ? Who will protect me?

  10. a chance to spread my wings

The first I totally agree with.

I should explain that I share my first name with a number of VERY famous women. Also for the record, I'm happy with my husband (who wouldn't be with a guy who does the ironing???) but could do with a few more hugs - big hint when you read this DH

I found this meme on Sheep in the city & it was fun to do.

BTW - I changed the list into the first tense so that they made more sense.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm stuck - sock help please

I'm attempting my first sock after receiving Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles from my SP & using the Regia 6 ply from my SP5 with the help of some 30cm addis from a German Yarn shop.

my first sock
my first sock

So far so good or so I thought but now I'm stuck. I have 11g of yarn left after finishing the heel & have only done 9cm of the 22.5cm needed before I decrease for the toe. I'm using the free Regia pattern that came with the yarn & have size 7 feet. Am I going to run out of yarn??? Should I rip it out & start again using a toe up pattern? I want to do this next but thought I'd start off with an easy pattern. I was really nervous about the heel but it's fine with no holes on the instep. The two circs are working well & there are no ladders at all.

Opinions please from experienced sock knitters before I rip it out un-necessarily.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thank you Secret Pal

My Secret Pal has been in touch regulary & sent a great package a couple of weeks ago. I can only apologise for the delay in photos - a combination of DH working long hours & not wanting to take photos, to me trashing the keyboard as I'd just started a glass of red wine - I can't even say it was because I was drunk! It has now gone up to keyboard heaven & in it's place is a horrible replacement but at least that works.

First a card:

Dress by Mary Quant
Dress by Mary Quant

Then something that I nearly bought just before my SP emailed asking if there was anything in particular that I wanted. I had nearly bought this book the night before but didn't due to the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching show. The hotel has been booked, train & show tickets purchased & now I have NO money left.

Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles
Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles

I read it twice the first night & have already put it to good use.

Then something which has already proven to be useful:

Pretty Notebook
Pretty Notebook

Finally something from Dyed in the Wool

Blue yarn
Blue yarn

The yarn is for a blue blanket square but it's still intact as I need to know if it's machine washable or not. It's the most beautiful colour with blues & greens shimmering.

Thank you very much SP & I'm sorry this took so long.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

bl**dy hell




007 - at your service

Daniel Craig has been officially announced as the new James Bond.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

I've been watching his films ever since Our Friends in the North
back in the days when I watched TV. Pierce Brosnan didn't do anything for me

Friday, October 14, 2005

National Knitting Week or not as the case may be...

To say that it's National Knitting Week I've hardly knitted at all. I've been busy every night this week & am ready for a relaxing weekend but don't know if it'll happen or not. Weather depending I'll either spend Sunday having a relaxing day or gardening as I've got a few jobs to do before winter kicks in.

On Monday we went to the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra , Tuesday I slobbed on the sofa reading recovering from my hangover from the night before & on Wednesday both DD & I swam - I did 50 lengths in an hour & have no idea how many she achieved but it was probably did between 150 - 200 in two hours which puts me to shame. Thursday was dog washing time in the garage as I couldn't handle the smell of dog any more & they both got a wash & blow dry.
My clippers are still dead but DH is hoping to fix them soon.

Fluffy Annie
Fluffy Annie

I like my dogs to look really tidy & and am not used to them looking such a mess. DD enjoyed burying her hands in Annie's coat tonight but it'll be harder to keep them clean, anyway I digress - back to knitting.

Tonight we had 18 knitters & crocheters at 'In Stitches' & it was really good fun. We had the main room in the cafe & had to keep rearranging all the furniture to accomodate everyone. The atmosphere was great & could have easily turned into a party if the cafe had an alcohol licence. There were lots of differing blue squares including one with an eyelash heart! I'm not looking forward to joining them all together though - ugh. This will be done using using crochet as it's quicker than sewing & they'll be turned them into knee blankets which will then be donated to a local hospice, hospital or old peoples home.

It's definately getting more popular & if everybody had turned up we would have had about 24 people. Andrea suggested a few weeks ago that I set up a Yahoo Group which has proven to be really popular.

MonetAnother member of the family wanted to be in on the photos tonight so I'm pleased to introduce Monet. She is the only animal out of 6 we have who isn't rescued. In May '91 a friends cat had kittens & I first saw her when she was an hour old. We had trouble keeping her still as she wanted to fuss around DH & his camera, so instead had a cuddle over my shoulder, whilst I tried to avoid having a unwanted grooming session. What you can't see are her paws padding up & down on my shoulder as she purred in my ear whilst trying to lick my nose or cheek. As she got really comfy & excited the claws came out so her photo shoot soon ended. She's a funny cat as she won't ever sit on your lap but loves to be carried & will often wash the dogs ears or noses & walk through their legs flicking her tail under their noses.

Some good news to end my non-knitting week - the child who has been bullying my DD has apologised to her!!! The teacher spoke to both girls after my appointment with her & since then they had been ignoring DD. On Tuesday the main bully hurt herself & DD was asked to accompany her to the office for first-aid - a canny ploy by the teacher to enable bully to say sorry whilst saving face - very clever. I just wish that DD's old school had been so quick on the ball but that's all in the past now.

Plus I've also heard from her SP - she'll be so chuffed when I tell her in the morning. She's been really upset as she hasn't heard or received anything whilst I'm wrapping up & recieving parcels all over the place.

More on that tomorrow....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tagged again

Bryony tagged me AGES ago but better late than never....


I was at home with 10 day old newborn baby, recovering from a c section, learning how to breastfeed & cope with a tiny person being totally dependent upon me. I had just graduated with a 2:1 & we moved in to our house 3 days before I discovered that I was pregnant.


Working full time running a Recruitment agency as DH was studying computing @ University. We did a total swap & I was the breadwinner whilst he studied, looked after DD & the house. It was a really stressful time in my life & I missed my DD desperately.


Now working part-time, working locally & trying to sort out the bullying nightmare that my poor DD was enduring at school. Also knitting again as was bored sitting by a pool as she swam with the local swimming team.


Chocolate , seseme bread sticks, hummus, Seabrooks Cheese & Onion crisps & avocado on toast with black pepper .


'Finally' by Ce Ce Peniston
'Can You Heal Us' by Paul Weller
'Road to Nowhere' by the Talking Heads
'Simon' by Joan Armatrading
'Sunrise' by Norah Jones


Pay off all our debts & that of DH's family (mortgage, student loans, credit cards etc etc etc), donate loads to the Alzheimer’s and Cancer charities, the RSPCA & the NSPCC. Plus if there were any left go on a cruise around Norway.

Not exactly 5 (under or over depending how you count them) but I think I've run out of money


Barcelona - I want to see Gaudi's work
Canada - dream location - I will get there one day
Embleton Bay in Northumberland (my favourite place in England)
a warm island somewhere with a beautiful beach & no stress
my Nana when I was a kid & having a hard time


Blue tights
anything orange
cripling high heels (I think I'm tall enough not to)
Chav type clothing including clown necklaces


This one is difficult as I don't watch much TV so I've gone for films instead:

Sliding Doors
The Knights Tale with Heath Ledger (totally horny guy)
Moulin Rouge
Shrek 2


My daughter
my DH when he hugs me (I adore being cuddled)
my pets
Sunday mornings in bed
walking the dogs in the snow


The Internet
my knitting
my new phone
something else that I can't mention here




Sanity Knit

Knitty Fred


Monday, October 10, 2005

Long time no blog

Hello again

Life is crazy here as usual which has meant a lack of posts but the knitting continues. I'm preparing to celebrate National Knitting Week with the group meeting on Friday & still have lots of posters to distribute.

No photos yet as poor DH has been really busy at work & has been walking around looking pale & tired. A bit too much pressure I think - he needs some time off. But keep visiting as my SP is brilliant & really brought a smile to my face when I opened her parcel.

Knitting is carrying on as usual & I've set up a group at DD's school for 9-11 year olds. Rowan are donating a box of yarn & The Knitting & Crochet Guild have sent a selection of project leaflets. I'm waiting to see the yarn before I source out some needles - does anybody know of any companies willing to donate to a school group? The first meeting takes place at the beginning of November & the letters went out today. DD thinks that I won't get any takers but the Headmaster thinks he'll be drawing names out of the hat!

DD had a great birthday - I still can't believe that she's 10 years old - I don't feel old enough. The parcel which I had to collect for her was a pirate outfit for her bear. He got loads of other clothes as well including some boxer shorts. We spent Saturday shopping in town for some black & white baseball boots as her birthday money was burning a hole.

We've just come in from seeing Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra which is my first ever classical concert. We got the VIP tickets for free so were very happy to go but I couldn't help think of Tom & Jerry as the music reached it's peak. I enjoyed it but don't think I'll make it a regular outing. The solo violinist was amazing but pulled some amazing faces as she performed

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Thank you Secret Pal & more parcels

She's fab & that's all I'm saying until I can post photos!

Also got another knitting related parcel full of goodies but this was ordered by me - info to follow.

Lastly a present for DD so that's been quickly hidden away. They wanted her to sign for it as it was in her name but luckily as I also had two cards in my name to the same address I managed to get away with it without driving home again & picking her up.