Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Birthday yarn is revealed at last

Now that CL in Canada has celebrated her birthday I can finally reveal what I got for my birthday from DH:

Pure Silk
Debbie Bliss: Pure Silk

I plan to knit Single Button Cardigan with the cream & either this shrug or Cozy with the purple (I have more of both colours than shown in the photo above).

I sent CL some of the cream plus a couple of skeins in a brilliant turquoise colour which I knew she'd love, some Cashmerino Chunky in Teal, two RYC books & a beautiful Swift the same as mine.

I throughly enjoyed spoiling her as always in fact I love to spoil other people & just wish that I could see her face as she opened her presents!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Before & After

Yesterday we were all very busy in blueadt land.

Airedale Terriers
Annie using Blue as a pillow & watching with her one good eye

I was fed up with the dogs stinking so they visited the bath & the grooming table:

Airedale Terriers
Annie & Blue

Blue protested as per usual but is now very happy with herself & spent her walk this morning prancing & trying to convince anyone she saw that she really needed a cuddle & a back rub but she was totally unsuccessful

DH & DD were also busy but in a very different way:

kitchen ceiling
Kitchen ceiling showing marks from a leaking bathroom

Kitchen ceiling removed
Kitchen ceiling removed

DH is in the process of installing our new bathroom so that we will soon be able to have a shower but firstly had to reveal the plumbing & in doing so found out why the shower cubicle hadn't worked: the waste pipe went uphill!

It's very weird without a ceiling as even though we keep cleaning up piles of rubble mysteriously appear as if by magic. Plus you can speak to someone in the bath above you as if you're in the same room & DD enjoyed listening to my phone conversation when she was in the bath this evening.

Amongst all this knitting is going on & I even have a FO but DH is a reluctant model so no pics yet but I'm working on him. So instead a new project is revealed:

sock toes
Two toes at once

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm on the Knit Picks UK Trial

DH isn't so happy as now I have to buy yarn

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spoilt Rotten

I took delivery of some extra special birthday presents recently from CL in Canada. We had already treated each other at Christmas & agreed to do the same for our birthdays. This parcel arrived a couple of days late due to international post & although I tried to be good & wait so that a photo could be taken with the wrapping on I was weak & gave up trying as I knew some of the contents:

Knit Pick Options: Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles
Knit Pick Options

I feel like the luckiest knitter alive! This set has already been put to good use as DD suffered from Starteristis at the Rowan Weekend but I was able to supply her with needles each time.

Then as if that weren't enough she also sent these:

KnitPicks patterns & yarn
Felting patterns & Knit Picks Memories in Yukon

Two absolutely gorgeous felting patterns & a skein of Knit Picks Memories in Yukon. Now just in case you're wondering I've also bought some lovely knitty presents for CL but it isn't her birthday until the 19th so I can't reveal what I've sent her yet. I hope it all arrives in time. The yarn has already been on the swift & balled up but first I have a quick project to do for another birthday coming up very soon using my fabulous needles:

BBirthday present to-be
Birthday present to-be

Thank you so much CL I love my presents & hope you love yours too

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fuzzy Feet

Before we moved I decided to have a play with some stash yarns & create something quickly. I bought some pretty pink pencil roving when I went to Skip North last year which I loved & was IMHO crying out to become Fuzzy Feet. However it wasn't destined to be a quick project

I finished the first sock in the weeks before we moved house & put it somewhere safe:

Unfelted Fuzzy Foot
Unfelted Fuzzy Foot

The second one didn't take long & that was also packed away safely but once we'd moved I could only find one But a month later they're finally reunited & made it to the washing machine together. 3 washes with some dog toys for agitation & I've got snazzy pink slippers:

Fuzzy Feet
Fuzzy Feet