Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I did some gardening....

Lyra, black & white cat
and had help!

Friday, March 27, 2009

We all need one of these now & then!

Like a lot of knitters my choice of project depends on my mood. If I'm tired I can't handle lace or 4ply. Whilst at knitting club, I can't concentrate on a complicated project & still enjoy the company & conversation, so tonight this came with me:

Big Bad Baby Blanket from 'Stitch & Bitch: The Knitters Handbook'
Big Bad Baby Blanket in Wendy Fusion Juniper Berries

It's a really simple pattern but very effective & I love the way the colours are working with the 'shapes' created:

Centre of The Big Bad Baby Blanket from 'Stitch & Bitch: The Knitters Handbook'
Big Bad Baby Blanket

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a real treat.....

I often wear socks that I've made myself and have made a few pairs for other people but have never had the chance to wear any made for me by someone else.

Until now that is:

hand machine knitted socks in Opal Coral Snake yarn
Machine knitted Coral Snake socks

However there is something even more special about these socks. They were made in two & a half hours using a hand cranked sock machine!

I had in my stash 4 balls of a very soft yarn that is now discontinued so rather hard to find. It went in an aeroplane to America and in return I received Curlicue, Salem, Knitters Summer 2008 and the added bonus of course of these beautiful socks.

hand machine knitted socks
check out that short row heel!

For those interested in the construction the short rows on the heels and toes are done on the machine and the only part done by hand is the kitchener on the toes.

These machines were invented in the mid 1800's & then experienced a resurgence in popularity during the First World War. Popularised by the Red Cross they were used to provide troops with warm well fitting socks in an attempt to prevent the then killer 'Trench Foot'.

I wonder how long would it take me to use up my stash with one of these machines?

btw: If any of you have any Wendy Velvet Touch Chunky unloved in your stash and you'd like to give it a good home pm me via Ravelry and I'll put you in touch with a very willing recipient

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Sunset

Evening sunset
Pink spring sky

Happy Mothers Day!

I hope every Mum has had a lovely relaxing day today. Normally I don't but DD hadn't been too bad until half an hour ago. I think the hassle of trying to be good and helping someone else is just too much effort for her! To get myself into the mood I'm wearing my Mother's Day Socks

I really enjoyed the anticipation of having a lie in this morning. DH took the dogs out for their romp and I thoroughly enjoyed snuggling back down under the duvet and leaving him to the early morning walk

DD made me a lovely card and gave me two huge bars of chocolate. This made me giggle as this is what she gives her friends at school as birthday presents

red flowers
red flowers

Spring is finally here after what seemed a very long and cold winter. The cats are enjoying the sun and flowers are popping up all over the garden:


I need to find time to get out there and do some gardening but working 5 days a week doesn't leave me much time at the moment.

Lyra (cat) enjoying the sunshine
Lyra enjoying the spring sunshine

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some knitting

I've been knitting a bit over the past month or so but DH has been so busy with the house that photos have been unavailable. However today he was a star took loads for me.

First up my failed February socks (again):

failed Embossed Leaves socks in purple Koigu KPM
'Not to be' Embossed Leaves

My spi is 8.6 & my feet are 8.5" in circumference so with 10% deducted for negative ease it should have worked but it didn't :(

close up of Embossed Leaves pattern
Embossed Leaves pattern

I knitted them together until the heel flaps were done & then separated them for the heel turn and gusset pick up. I just can't get them over my heel so back to the drawing board. This is the 2nd attempt at using this yarn (1st attempt here) but I'm not giving up. They'll be frogged very soon & I'm already searching for another pattern. Probably something from Charlene Schurch this time...

I'd also like to share something with you.

Last week whilst I was ill I was very surprised when a little parcel dropped through my letterbox. I hadn't ordered anything & was puzzled when I felt the soft package.

Gill from The Woolly Workshop had found out that I was ill & decided to send me a little Get Well Soon gift:

gift of Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett in Landscape Mist from The Woolly Workshop
100g of Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett in Landscape Mist

She's admitted to a bit of blog surfing to work out which colourway I'd like & she chose well as I adore the combination of purple and brown. It was a lovely thing to do Gill & I was really touched, Thank You. :)

On that note the Chipmunk face has gone and I can see my cheekbones again. I'm a bit tired but otherwise ok. I was lucky that I didn't have a fever with it and know that it could have been far worse.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All Mumped Out

I felt really tired last week & put it down to the new job, early starts with the dogs etc.

On Friday night I went to bed early & was a bit puzzled to notice that my face was puffy in front of my ears. The next morning it had swollen up like a hamster & by Sunday I looked as if I'd gained 10 stone all in my face

I then had a totally farcical experience with the Out of Hours Doctors service & eventually gave up and visited the local hospital. I have Mumps

Which would explain why I've been shattered all week, why I've been totally unable to run more than 200 metres & why I kept falling asleep in the chair.....

My face grew even bigger yesterday but today I'm starting to return to normal. By tomorrow I might even be able to spot my cheekbones!

I'm working from home all week which is fantastic as I didn't want to start my sickness record off so soon and I have a lot of work to be done which is all very doable from home. My new job can't start properly until it's out of the way so I really want to get it sorted.

Now just have to stop DH using all the not so 'cute' names, believe me I've heard them all.....

and it's true Strawberry Cheesecake low fat frozen yoghurt is the Food of the Gods. All donations gratefully received.....

Monday, March 09, 2009


I feel as if I'm slowly regaining my life.

The past couple of months have been pretty bleak & black for me. The famous black dog bit me by the ankle & wouldn't shift however hard I tried. I found it really hard being out of work & even worse signing on to claim my meagre £61 a week of benefits. I've realised now that I was terrified at the thought of being out of work for a long time. Every day on the news are stories of more companies going under, the unemployment figures rising daily and I knew that it would be harder to find a job than in normal conditions. Also the guilt of not contributing to the family was eating me up inside. DH didn't put any pressure on me at all it was all from me but I can be my own worst enemy.

But I'm on my way out now as I've found myself another job A job was created for me in a company just over a mile away from home by someone that I've worked with before. The team are fantastic and for the first time ever the office is full of adults just getting on with their jobs. There is no atmosphere, no 'big boss' throwing their weight around and everyone is happy to be there. It's a welcome change from bullying bosses and the loneliness of being in a dark cold house by myself all day.

However my body isn't used to it yet. 6:30 starts to give the dogs a 3 mile walk before I leave the house & working a 5 day week left me shattered last week but I'll get over that soon.

Knitting hasn't really featured much over the last month as it's something I do when I'm happy. Once I shake the tiredness I'm sure I'll be back to it.