Thursday, September 11, 2008

Forgotten dishcloths

Every now & then I do a small project but they don't always make it to my blog & these were forgotten about until now. Since Christmas I've made a few dishcloths mainly to try new techniques or play with colour & apart from one none made it to my blog so that is about to be fixed.

In the lazy days between Christmas & New Year I made a cloth for another knitter in a swap. I actually made two using the same pattern as I was experimenting with colours and then couldn't decide which to send. So I asked a few friends which one they preferred & this cloth won, was duely wrapped up & put in the post:

Ballband dishcloth
Ballband Dishcloth in Turquoise & Green varigated cotton

(full details are available on my Ravelry Project Page)

and this cloth stayed at home:

Blue & Annie
Ballband Dishcloth in Turquoise & White cotton

I added i-cords to both so they could be hung up.

(full details are available on my Ravelry Project Page)

Then I made a Garterlac Dishcloth which was good TV knitting:

Garterlac Dishcloth
Garterlac Dishcloth

and you can see a close up of the pattern here.

(full details are available on my Ravelry Project Page)

Finally I decided to be brave & had a play with crochet:

Pinwheel crocheted dishcloth
Pinwheel crocheted dishcloth

This pattern was loaned to me by a friend & was out of an old book that had belonged to her Grandmother so I can't link to it I'm afraid.

(full details are available on my Ravelry Project Page)

The dishclothes that stayed at home are being used to brighten up our foul kitchen but not really working as it's such a horrible room :(

So that's me nearly up to date on forgotten projects. I've got one more from last year but need to find the photos. My WIP's are progressing slowly but so far no photos have been taken so I've got nothing to share on those yet.....


Cybèle said...

Did you know that Knitting Daily had a free pattern for a potholder the other day? to demonstrate the technique of domino knitting - it looked really nice.
I like your garterlac one!

sue said...

Cute dishcloths. I love the teal colored one too.

Arianwen said...

I've tagged You!