Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've been very busy today:

Oscar the Airedale Terrier ungroomed & looking very shaggy
Oscar before grooming

Airedale Terrier before grooming
Annie looking stinky

Annie & Oscar two Airedale Terriers freshly groomed & looking lovely
Annie & Oscar

Oscar the Airedale Terrier freshly groomed
Oscar looking clean & handsome

Their winter coats are now in the compost bin and both dogs are feeling great. However we'd forgotten just how small Oscar is although he makes up for the lack of inches with personality!


Kim said...

The transformation is always amazing, isn't it? We just clipped Gracie the other day, and she's a whole new dog! Annie and Oscar look quite gorgeous!

Donna M said...

Your big job was very worthwhile! Both dogs look drop dead gorgeous! I take ours to the groomers and they don't look that good when they come home.

Lin said...

They look grand, it must have been hard work.

RoxyKnits said...

Wow don't they look great! I wish I had the patience to do Scruffs. I've trimmed some of his fur a few times but not sure I could do all of him - maybe using something other than kitchen scissors would help lol :)

Anonymous said...

What handsome Airedales! I love Oscar's white patch. :-)

sheepless said...

Wow! I just took Cosmo to the groomers, and he looked exactly like Oscar's before shot. He looks like a whole new guy!