Thursday, March 04, 2010


I’ve got bruised bones (tiny little fractures under the surface of the bone that don’t show up on x-rays) with grade 2 medial ligament damage.

In the long term this is good news as I don’t need an operation and shouldn’t have any long term effects.

However in the short term it isn’t good as there is nothing the Doctors can do apart from pain management. I was told that patients normally start to recover within 4-6 weeks but as mine is still so painful I must have severe bruising. I have to continue to rest my knee and eventually the pain will ease.

It's been 10 weeks so far, any bets as to how much longer before I can walk again?


Beverley said...

Hiya, good news that you won't need surgery, but bad news the pain is still bad. I remembered when I read your blog entry, my Gran used to say to me that the pain of a knock would go once the bruising came out. I know that Arnica Gel (that you can buy from Boots) which is a topical gel you rub into the surface of where you have sustained a knock will encourage the brusing to come out. Would that help do you think? Beverley

Becky said...

Oh man that sounds REALLY painful. I can't believe you have been recovering for 10 weeks and are still in so much pain. I really really hope it starts to easy a little for you soon and that life can begin to get back to some level of normal for you.

Take care.

Becky x

Andrea said...

It must be so frustrating, not to be getting better. I hope you start to feel an improvement soon, Diana.


Daisy said...

Hang in there, at least you know what's causing it now! Fingers crossed for a speedier recovery...