Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still chugging away......

The end is in sight but it seems a long way off. I've reached 430 stitches and need to keep going to 490 before I introduce the second lace section.
I love the colours and know I'll enjoy the end result but I'm bored of garter stitch at the moment.

Posted by ShoZu


Daisy said...

Keep going! You'll get there.

Cybèle said...

I had no idea about your accident and you being housebound - have just been scrolling through your blog posts from the last year. Hope things are slowly improving, must be so frustrating. I can imagine going off knitting - I think I probably would too! Love the photos of your daughter modelling, she must be a bit older than my own daughter (who's 11), but she loves modelling too (not sure who she gets that from, as I hate being in photographs!) Best wishes, Cybèle