Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caroline's Crochet Hook Case

This is the last of the handmade Christmas presents that I made:

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case

I started with this pattern and made myself a prototype. However it wasn't exactly what I was looking for so I changed a few things:

Caroline uses Clover Soft Touch hooks so I made it wider to accommodate the bulkier hooks.

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case for Clover Soft Touch hooks

I also added an extra set of pockets to accommodate her hook collection as it grows:

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case with double pocket

and the pockets on the right are wider to holder the bigger sizes:

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case

I also had to angled the top flap due to the bulky nature of the hooks:

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case open

as I didn't want fabric sticking out when it was folded up:

Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Hook Case with flap down

Finally I added fabric ties rather than a button as I thought it was more secure and less hassle when using it.

The verdict was that's it's perfect for her needs and she loves it

However I wish I'd bought more than half a metre of the fabrics....


Anna said...

Oh it's gorgeous. I'm debating making a knitting needle case and you've just inspired me to maybe do that soon!

Shani said...

found you... brilliant case...
Best wishes Shani

Arianwen said...

very cute!No wonder she thinks it perfect it is great. Well done.

CrochetBlogger said...

Very pretty. Great fabric choice.

Daisy said...

It looks fantastic!

Modelwidow said...

What a lovely gift, and a great choice of fabric again. I do like the changes you made too, I'm not suprised it was deemed perfect.

Pearl said...

What beautiful cases!The colours are lovely!