Monday, November 20, 2006

It could be a lot worse

In my last post I mentioned that I wasn't knitting very much but didn't say why. I started experiencing pain in my hands about 3 weeks ago & it has gotten progressively worse. Starting in my knuckles it moved to my wrists which felt as if they'd been broken & even simple tasks were painful. I hadn't been knitting much since we decided to sell the house as we were so busy but all activity has now ceased altogether. I was scared that it was some form of arthritis & really worried that I'd be forced to give up many things that I enjoy including knitting.

However as the pain was worse in the evening & moved around I eventually suspected that it might be RSI & this was confirmed by my second appointment with a doctor on Friday. He has referred to a physio but that'll take a while to happen & I probably won't see someone via this route until after Christmas.

By chance yesterday I got talking to a private physio at a swimming workshop that DD was doing. He gave me some advice & was able to deal with my immediate pain by strapping my arm:

strapped arm
My right arm

He also gives a 50% discount to anyone associated with the swimming club so am currently trying to sort some cash out to get it sorted out properly. I'm absolutely over moon that I don't have arthritis and am looking forward to getting it sorted as it's still really painful


Pam said...

Hi there from sunny Tampa, Florida!It may be sunny but it turned chilly for us today. I just came across your blog randomly. So sorry you are in pain. I can sympathize with you as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has gotten progressively worse this past month. When I first starting reading this post from you, I thought "Poor thing has arthritis actin gup." But I see it is something different. Hope you get all better and fast! You are welcome to come visit me at

Mary said...

You have my sympathy. I had a bad bout of RSI a few years back and had to stop knitting for almost a year. On the positive side, with good physio and some acupuncture it has improved loads. You should be able to get physio on the NHS - try talking to your GP. Hope things improve for you soon.

Anonymous said...

At least its not as bad as you first thought!! You'll be back knitting befor you know it;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope it gets sorted soon.

See you Friday hopefully.


Piglottie said...

Glad to here that its not as bad as you feared, but hope you get some treatment soon. Take care.

laughingrat said...

Wow, I am really sorry to hear that. It was a stroke of luck your running into that doctor, though. It was so nice of him to help you like that. I hope you can get the pain to subside ASAP and get back to enjoying knitting again.

Christina said...

Sorry to hear about your RSI. I had tendonitus when I was at uni, and it's not nice. Hope it gets better soon.

Hope things look up on the house front too. We lived in 4 different houses and a caravan in winter here in wales before we finally got ours'. Was so sorry to read about Tia too. belaybunny (or CJ!!)

Daisy said...

Hope you can get it sorted soon! A woman at work has RSI and got a special strap thing which has worked wonders for her so you shouldn't have to stop knitting etc for too long.