Thursday, December 14, 2006

No knitting going on

For a knitting blog this is getting rather sad as I'm hardly able to knit The offical diagnois is Tendonitis in both my forearms & I've still got a lot of related pain in my hands & wrists. I've been having treatment but it'll take time for the inflamation to go down. To make matters worse I'd signed up for an Afghan Squares swap on Swap-bot. One of my 4 squares is done but the others will be a bit late I'm afraid as I'm finding knitting painful at the moment

Housewise we still haven't sold ours; we've had another very interested viewer who came to a 2nd viewing only to submit an offer 20K under the asking price which we've obviously rejected. So all viewings are on hold until January as we need a break over the Christmas period.

DD has been growing like a weed over the past few months & we got a shock yesterday when we measured her - she's now 5ft 1 3/4" tall & turned 11 in October! She's 2" taller than my SIL who is gutted. None of her clothes fit her anymore including her school uniform so I need to get her kitted out again - last time was September


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you could do with the break over the holibobs.

I can empathise with the growing child theory, sprog seems to be going through tops at a rapid rate.


Daisy said...

Oh no about the tendonitis, but at least you know what it is now, even if it's going to take a while to get better.

I can remember doing what your DD has done and suddenly shooting up - I was the tallest in my class for about a year until the other caught up!

Hope you all have a good Christmas break though, even if you can't knit :-(

Devorah said...

Sorry about the tendonitis. It is annoying not to be able to knit.

Been there, doing that with the growth spurt nonsense. We recommend starving them to stop it from happening. (Just kidding.) Squidette has an annoying habit of an early winter growth spurt -- causing us to discard practically new school clothes. Little Squid is equally annoying with a "not quite shorts-weather spurt." This tends to come right after I have replaced a few pair of his jeans for wear issues. (He is much harder on his clothes then Squidette.) And yet ... I helped them take the lid off the vitamins today ... silly mommy.

laughingrat said...

That's a shame about the tendonitis, although at least it's treatable, right? Still, no knitting, no house sold...bah! :(

My goodness, you're daughter's almost as tall as I am, and I'm 30! :-D

Anonymous said...

2007 will be your year - just wait and see. Have a lovely break over christmas, rest, heal and grab the new year by the horns!