Friday, January 05, 2007

fading sock

I'm back at work now so haven't done very much on my socks since my last post but am nearly ready to turn the heel. Just from trying the first sock on I've decided that I'm a heel flap kinda girl but needed to try them on myself to find that out. I just don't find it as comfortable but I'll reserve proper judgement when I have a wearable pair.

As I was doing some hand washing the other day I gently washed the first sock - big mistake. I know they'd need washing after being worn but the colour has faded a bit

Yarn Over Cable socks
(l to r) washed & unwashed Koigu Kersti Merino

I'm not sure how evident it is from this photo particularly as monitors differ but believe me there is a difference. Focus on the black & bright blue & it's there - the brilliant hue has gone

I will wash the second sock in the same hand washing liquid & after that treat them with kid gloves.

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Anonymous said...

The socks are definitely still pretty, though. I wonder if the blue Koigu I just got will fade when I first wash it?

So far I too prefer heel flaps, although my dislike of toe-up construction and short-row heels has actually caused me to attack them *again* immediately after finishing my first pair constructed that way. I want to feel like I conquered the technique for some reason, and made it work for ME and not the other way around! :-D