Friday, February 02, 2007

Thursday evening

I LOVE Thursday nights as it's the one evening that DD doesn't swim so I get to stay at home for the whole evening As I'm always at a poolside I rarely get to watch TV or even sit & veg on the sofa but tonight I did both & knitted of course. Of the knitting content for now it's a secret but I can say that DH will stop whining soon.....

DH has also had a fun & productive evening as we've had a beautiful sky tonight:

February moon in Northern England

It was really clear & he managed to catch Orion:


If you look here you'll be able to appreciate the size of Betelgeuse (the largest point on the left side of Orion in comparison to our sun.

Ok the astronomy lesson c/o DH is now over. I'll share the knitting project once it's done. If it's a success I'll also share the pattern - if it works.....


Lyndsey-Jane said...

How cool! I would love to learn about all that but think i'll stick to the Biomed degree.

Arianwen said...

Very interesting! I can actually see the shapes look forward to seeing your secret project!

TutleyMutley said...

I love looking at the stars - I'm out there with the equivalent of the 'ladybird' guide to the night sky trying to spot different constellations and put names to them every chance I get - I know where Pegasus' body is now, and can usually spot Orion's faithful hound and Cygnus (the summer cross).
What does dh do Blueadt?

blueadt said...

TM - DH works in IT but previously, before going to university as a mature student, was a builder. He's also a keen photographer :-)

Thanks for the comments re his photos - I think they're beautiful & LOVE his moon.

Re secret project - it's progressing well. It'll be a while before it's revealed but hopefully it'll be worth it.

Kathryn said...

Eris is obsessed witht he moon at the minute too. Recent conversations:

Mummy, it's a moon!

Yes Eris, what kind of moon?

A Banana moon!

We call that a crescent moon.


A week or so later:

Mummy, the moon is weird now.

It's a half moon.

Okay, half moon!

And yet later:

Mummy, is it still a half moon?

No, it's now a waxing moon, it's almost gibbous.

Oh, moon!

And so on and so forth with various comments about halos and such. She's a mini-astronomer in training I swear:D