Sunday, February 18, 2007

Unknown yarn

When I went to Coldspring Mill last week I picked up a bag of beautiful yarn but don't know what it is:

knitting yarn
unknown purple yarn

It was sold as pure wool & definitely feels like it but I'll have to do a burn test to be sure. I suspect it might be Twilleys Freedom Spirit but I could be wrong. Any ideas? I've got 400g & am unsure what to make with it but it had to come home with me. I think it'll felt well but then again it would make a lovely Lady Eleanor.

There has also been some progress with the brown cone:

My So Called Scarf
My So Called Scarf

On the swimming front DD is unable to train at the moment as she's suffering with growing pains. Whenever she exercises she gets shooting pains in her ribs (last month it was her shoulders) but is otherwise fine. So a weeks rest has been ordered & she's moaning already. As she's grown 3/4" since we last measured her two months ago, & clothes I bought her then are getting too short, I'm not surprised really.

She's now 5ft 2.5" at the age of 11 & gloatingly towers over my SIL. She's got a few inches to go before she's as tall as me but she's aiming for it & next her Dad. I think I should remove the grow bags from her bed......


Bryony said...

Looks to me like Wendy Fusion - McA Direct has a pic of a blue ball and it made me think of that straight away. If it is then it prob won't felt as Fusion is 50% acrylic (but a damn good one at that - I've been sorely tempted by it before now). Freedom Spirit looks more varigated to me. Did you see the bags of chunky 100% wool in greens and purples (on the right as you go in the bottom door)? They looked like Twilleys Freedom Wool in Moorland to me - really really wish I'd bought some of them!

blueadt said...

Bryony - you're a star!!! Thanks for that - it's good to know what it is before I get fixed on something felted.

I didn't see the chunky by the door but did buy the beautiful brown chunky for 2p a gram & also got some bargain Noro Cash Iroha :-)

Nic said...

Yep I think its fusion too. I used some to make a lovely scarf for my sister at Christmas in the red colourway. It is really nice yarn.

Bryony said...

You got Cash Iroha?!!?! Dare I ask how much it was? And whether they have any on the website? ;D

And you are welcome :D Just show us what you knit with it!

blueadt said...

We found some hand wound balls of Iro in the oddment bins.

Red 155g for £3.99
Purple 120g for £2.99
Dark purple 95g for £2.99
Blue 75g for £2.99

A bargain me thinks.....

Rosie said...

despite its synthetic content, it seems that fusion will felt (if the latest issue of Knitting is to be believed). Needs to be at 60 degrees, though

Rain said...

It's definitely the Fusion. I love that colourway, it knits up beautifully.

Rain said...

Bah it cut me off in the middle of saying how lovely your scarf looks.

Zoe said...

It is lovely yarn, Fusion. I made a few things with it last year. I haven't tried felting it as yet but I reckon it would after a few attempts. It certainly feels and behaves like wool when knitting with it.