Monday, December 17, 2007


We're now discovering what our new house is like in winter & it's not good. The previous owners, as well as being mucky & incapable of housework didn't do any maintenance hence the knackered bathroom & now we're discovering that the house is freezing. The windows are double glazed but are old & the seals have seen better days. The roof is poorly insulated & the cold air rushes down from the loft so we've got a series of dustsheets on the loft stairs trapping the cold air & trying to prevent it coming downstairs. We've got two duvets on our bed plus a quilt & I'm also using a hotwater bottle & bedsocks. To make things worse our bedroom is north facing and as soon as the wind picks up we freeze.

DH is planning what he needs to do to make the house warmer & to save our heating bills & wants to totally strip the roof the rafters & create a 'a warm roof void' using using this stuff. The windows will be replaced as we can afford them but the first to be done will be the bathroom & our bedroom. The latter will be expensive to do even if DH does the work as we'll need scaffolding to straddle the conservatory.

Knitting is continuing but as before I can't reveal what I'm working on yet as it's for Christmas so instead I'll redress the balance. Ginny has complained that her sister featured far too much in the last post so here she is looking pretty:

black & white kitten
Ginny showing off her whiskers!

btw as I wrote this post I was sat on the sofa wearing clothes (obviously), slippers, a blanket over my legs & a hotwater bottle between my ankles. I must learn how to use the sewing machine so I can make some wheat pillows........

ETA: I've just remembered to add that we still don't have a kitchen ceiling


Steph said...

Brrr! Sounds like you need to knit lots of scarves, gloves, wristies, blankets.. Hopefully by next winter you'll be so much warmer - same with us when we have a porch instead of the half-glazed front door opening into the lounge. :-)

Arianwen said...

send me the fabric you want your wheat bags in and I will see what I can do!

YarnSnob said...

it was about this time last year when our boiler broke and for months we had no heating or water, I know EXACTLY how cold you feel, wrap up, stay warm, lots of clothes.

Cinders said...

Poor you. Hope you warm up soon. Your Kittens are adorable. Ginny looks like my Sox except he's big and daft!!!!
Was reading about your daughter. My 11 year old son-same school year-is also a horror. He's constantly grounded. it must be the pre-teen thing.The other 2 were not this bad inlcuding my daughter. Good luck with her

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy for living in a cold house. Ours was absolutely freezing for the first 3 years here, but has improved dramatically since the new doors and windows were installed last year.