Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Havin' a Whale of a Time.....

As the kittens are now nearly 5 months old I thought it was time for their first 'mind blowing experience' so I made them some cat nip toys:

knitted catnip whales
Cat nip whales

Pattern: Whale Cat toy
Yarn: Oddments of acrylic which have now returned to the charity bag
Needles: Whatever I needed to obtain a tight gauge.

kitten playing
Lyra being greedy

stoned kitten
Lyra: mmmmmmm..........

Then the party moved to the kitchen:

cats playing with catnip toys
where Pam & Lyra demonstrated BIG CAT little cat

Cat playing with cat nip toy
Pam showing Lyra how it's done....

Ginny on the other hand isn't quite ready for this huge leap from cute kitten to drugged cat & was just happy to say hi!



Arianwen said...

Ah that is soo sweet. We haven't had cat nip for ages I must get some. Couldn't see the link - I am missing something?

Cybèle said...

Such sweet photos - but the last one is my favourite, isn't she beautiful!

modelwidow said...

Lovely toys and even lovlier pictures of the kitties.

Craftybernie said...

Lol! Cats & catnip - what a combination!!! Lovely to see them enjoying themselves.

Hope you're well.

Bernie xx