Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Owl Progression

The Broad Spiral Ribbing socks for my MIL are progressing well:

Broad Spiral Ribbing socks
Broad Spiral Ribbing: heels

I separated them for the Eye of Partridge heels & gusset decreases & they're now reunited on the needles.

Broad Spiral Ribbing socks
Broad Spiral Ribbing socks

We're taking her out for a meal on Saturday night so I'm aiming to have them finished by Friday to get them washed etc & given to her at the restaurant. However if I don't get them finished her birthday is the following Thursday & they'll definitely be done by then.


LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

These are looking really lovely blue...great colour and pattern combo :D

scarletprincess said...

Those are really really pretty! Noticed you've named your cats after the Phillip Pullman characters? I've just started to re-read the books as it's been a few years. x

Steph said...

Those are just de-lish - I want some!