Friday, February 15, 2008

It gets worse

Blue is very ill. She had an endoscopy yesterday after x-rays revealed nothing. She's either got a large stomach ulcer that is threatening to burst or an ulcerated tumor. The vet managed to get some samples of her stomach & they've been sent off for urgent testing. She has been kept in as she is no longer eating & they need to get her strength up to give her a chance of recovery.

As if that weren't enough I'm at home alone, as DH has had to go to an important meeting, nursing recently spayed kittens & a depressed Annie who is missing Blue. I opened the post to find a letter from the insurance company who have covered DD's skiing trip & they mention 'a problem which occurred whilst on holiday' but no mention of what has happened!

A few phone calls later & I've discovered that she twisted her knee whilst skiing on the 3rd of 6 days skiing. She visited outpatients but is ok. She'll be absolutely gutted. Not only has she missed half the skiing but she won't be able to swim or play football for a while either.

I don't ever want to receive a letter like that again.


It's unbelievable isn't it.

The letter read:

"We write to advise that we have been contacted by International Medical Rescue who assisted your daughter recently in connection with a problem which occurred whilst on holiday. To enable us to give this matter consideration on her behalf, please arrange to complete the attached claim form...."

I found out from the insurance company employee that she hurt herself on Tuesday & was taken to an outpatients department. I don't know if she just sprained it mildly & was skiing again the next day or if she has a bad sprain & will be on crutches for the next 6 weeks. The school knew nothing about it & I was told that she's home tomorrow night so find out then!

I'm furious but trying to stay calm until I know exactly what's wrong with her.


Cybèle said...

I'd been wondering how she was doing. Fingers firmly crossed it's not a tumor and they can do something to help her.

dreamcatcher said...

Really sorry to hear about poor Blue. Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for her.

I don't imagine that letter did much good either! Glad to hear DD is OK.

missmalice said...

I'm so sorry that Blue is ill. I hope the good doctors can help. sending positive thoughts your way.

Kim said...

Lots of good thoughts coming your way from the states - we hope that everything turns out for the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Blue, poor Annie and poor you, I bet Annie's feeling very lost. I shall be keeping my fingers crossed that Blue's problem is something that can be treated. Keep positive however hard it feels.

I'm trying not to think about the skiing incident. My eldest goes in 4 weeks and he can be accident prone!

natalie said...

A letter!!!!
For goodness sake.
Someone needs their backside kicked!


Anonymous said...

oh i'm so sorry to read this, i remember waiting for tests when Bingo was ill. but what is resonating more for me today is getting a letter from the insurance company that your daughter has injured herself. isn't this a school trip? why wasn't there a phone call? poor you and your DH. your daughter will are like that!

blueadt said...
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Bryony Ramsden said...

Poor Blue :( Fingers crossed it will all be ok. And I'm sorry about DD too - that really is appalling protocol to send a letter like that. And yeah, where was that phone call to you about her?!

Big big BIG hugs to you - chin up pet. You have us to vent at when you need to.

scarletprincess said...

Wow I cannot believe all of that has happened together! It must be so hard to keep it together but needs must and I really hope everything turns out ok for you all. Much love, Fi x

susoolu said...

Oh, drat and double drat. Poor Blue.

And I know you will be spitting tacks at the chaperones not getting in touch with you! (Big whoops is putting is mildly.)

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and Blue.

Whitney (from Ravelry)