Monday, May 26, 2008

Wonderful gifts

Last week I mentioned that I'd taken delivery of a couple of parcels & now it's time to reveal all. I'd ordered a Goknits sock bag from Socktopus & it's already proven to be really useful:

GoKnits Pouch
GoKnits Pouch

Inside is my latest project with a few notions. The bag is splash proof (always useful when DD is training) & also resistant to cat hair which is a huge bonus. However the pouch wasn't alone in the parcel. A few months ago I had noticed that the Socktopus website was a bit 'temperamental' so DH helped Alice to resolve the issues & now it's running a lot better. The lovely Alice included something extra with my order as a way of saying Thank You but DH wants everyone to know that it's not really his colour. In fact he did attempt to barter a trade with me but enough said on that one!

Hand Maiden Camelspin
Hand Maiden Camelspin in Tangerine

This yarn is 70% silk & 30% Camel & believe me it's the most wonderfully soft yarn I've ever felt. I'm almost tempted to keep it just for petting it's so amazing. I haven't yet found the right shawl pattern for it but I've got 658 yds/600 meters & am open to suggestions.

A couple of days later another parcel arrived. This was from my friend CL in Canada. We always spoil each other at Christmas & Birthdays & this time was was no exception. It was a little bit late as she has lots on at the moment but that was fine with me as it was a wonderful surprise. I'm also late with hers as I was ill so we're as bad as each other. Anyway back to the contents:

Malabrigo Lace
Malabrigo Lace in Saphire Magenta

This lace weight yarn is beautiful & I adore the colours. I've found a couple of projects on Ravelry in which the same colour is used & it's really gorgeous.

Noro Kureyon Sock
Noro Kureyon Sock shade 184

This yarn has had some 'interesting' reviews & I've taken on board what others have said. I'm not planning to use it for socks as I think the colours would be better as a scarf & that it would be wonderful for a mini Clapotis. The yarn is a bit scratchy so I'm in the process of winding it off into a skein and today I'll wash & condition it gently. I say in the 'process of' as the centre of the ball of yarn is one big tangle & I haven't yet finished sorting it out. I've found one knot so far so would definitely recommend NOT knitting this yarn straight from the ball. The colours however (like always with Noro) are amazing & I'm looking forward to using it.

Lanteen Moon needle cover
Lanteen Moon needle cover

I love this but it does remind me of a snake. Not that I'm a fan of snakes but it's so beautifully snake like.

Also included were some maple sugar chews but they didn't last long enough for the photo shoot, a beautiful stitch marker which is currently in use & a badge which is on my bag. Thanks CL. I hope you like your presents as much & they are being posted tomorrow.

So now I suppose I should really get my act together & tackle a proper lace project. I say 'proper' as so far my only experience with lace has been socks & with two beautiful lace weight yarns I need to branch out. But I think I'm going to 'test the water' with a 4 ply sock yarn first before I use these beautiful yarns.

I'd like to say a big Thank You to both Alice & CL. You both made me feel very spoiled which was lovely after being ill.


Amelia said...

I saw the update on Ravelry so I just had to come and see the blog post. What a lovely collection of yarn to receive in the post! I particularly like the Handmaiden, what a wonderful gift. I shall keep an eye out for patterns for 650yds of lace weight. x

Donna said...

Aren't you the lucky one!
I love Handmaiden yarns. They are all gorgeous!
I used the noro for socks and also found a knot, which then entailed pulling it all out till I could find the matching point. It was rough but once washed came out nice and soft.

Bryony Ramsden said...

Oooo you lucky thing! You know you could share the love a bit... ;)

modelwidow said...

Lucky girl, and that Malabrigo is just in the most gorgeous colours.
Unusual having a snake to eat your needles, like the fabric though.
Btw, I have tagged you for a meme if you are up for it, see my latest blog post for details.

Aknita said...

Your yarn is lovely :-). I bought a skein of camel/alpacca mix at Woolfest and it's the softest yarn ever.

I love the little bag too.