Sunday, May 25, 2008

In the Pink!

Finally my Opal Rainforest Flamingo DK socks are finished:

Twin Rib socks
Twin Rib socks in Opal Rainforest Flamingo DK

Pattern: Twin Rib by Charlene Schurch from Sensational Knitted Socks
Time: February 14th 2008 to May 22nd 2008
Yarn: Opal Rainforest Flamingo DK
Needles: 2 x 2.75mm Knit Picks 60cm circulars
Stitches per inch: 8
Method & Modifications:
- Knitted two at a time cuff down. Separated after the heel turn & reunited after the gusset decreases.
- All knit stitches apart from those on the sole were knitted through the back loop to make the stitch 'pop' out.

Twin Rib socks
Twin Rib socks with patterned knit stitches ktbl

I originally started out making Waterfall Rib with this yarn but wasn't happy with the combination of yarn & pattern so after 13cm of knitting on both legs I frogged it & started again.

Twin Rib socks
Twin Rib socks

These socks seem to have been on the needles forever but during their making I've had a lot on with losing Blue, DD's accident & more.

Twin Rib socks
Twin Rib socks

They are extremely comfortable & a perfect fit which is why I love making my own socks.

Twin Rib socks
Twin Rib socks

Just what I'll need for walking the dogs this winter!

Twin Rib socks
Twin Rib socks


scarletprincess said...

they are truly stunning! the pattern and yar really compliment each other. x

Donna said...

The socks are gorgeous! You must be really wanting winter to arrive so you can wear them :)
I love the way the KTBL does make the stitches pop!

Queen of the froggers said...

I love them and your photos are great too. :)

Daisy said...

They look fab! Great pics too. I haven't tried that pattern out of SKS so I'll have to go and have a look for it.

Bryony Ramsden said...

Very cute :D That looks much better, so well worth the wait.

Leslie said...

Very nice! I love the stitch definition and the colorway as well.