Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally February Socks.....

After 3 attempts I've finally made a pair of socks with the beautiful Koigu yarn I received as part of the Hot Socks Swap. . My
first attempt last year
was a disaster as was my second. But finally I'm happy with the combination of yarn & pattern:

Blue & Annie
Diagonal Lace Socks

Pattern: David's Toe Up Sock Cookbook for the structure & maths with Diagonal Lace as the pattern. The construction of the two patterns is the same but I wanted the reassurance of the formula from the first.
Yarn: 2 skeins of Koigu KPM 115711
Time: March 22nd - May 4th 2009
Needles:2 x 2.25mm 60cm Knit Picks (or KnitPro as they're now known) circular needles.
Technique: Two at a time toe up with a Turkish cast on & a very stretch cast off. .

Diagonal Lace socks in purple Koigu KPM
see how well they fit my feet!

Diagonal Lace socks in purple Koigu KPM
Diagonal Lace pattern

and finally the blocked shot:

Blue & Annie
opening up the lace pattern

The colour is a bit dark in the last photo & more accurate in the others.

I'm pleased that I've finally made a pair of socks with this yarn that I'm satisfied with. I've already cast on another pair but will be frogging them later as the toes need another plain row between increases so in the meantime I cast on for a quick project last night.....


Lin said...

They are lovely aren't they!

Anonymous said...

I love that shade of purple! It's one of my favorites. The pattern and yarn work so well together.

Laughingrat said...

Those turned out really pretty. So you like your sock-blockers? They don't stretch out the socks too much, make 'em too loose or anything? I've been thinking of getting blockers myself since it would certainly make socks nicer to photograph.

blueadt said...

Thanks everyone :)

Laughingrat -

I love how the blockers give the socks a great shape for photos & open up the lace pattern. They're not too loose at all, go for it!