Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hot Socks Swap

Just before we decided to move & life suddenly went barmy I signed up for the Hot Socks Swap. Then as the deadline approached with a chance to pull out I realised that I'd be stupidly busy & should I really do this but I decided to go for it & I'm really glad I did.

I sent to a woman in Norway & she now has a beautiful skein of Fleece Artist Merino in Marine with some coffee, hot chocolate, a small scented candle & a bag of Thorntons Toffee. The yarn was gorgeous & nearly didn't make it to the post office!

My spoiler & I have really hit it off. She's an English woman living in Canada & I'm now gutted that we've had to postphone our trip to Canada due to our impending house move. My parcel arrived a few days ago & I wasn't disappointed when I opened it:

card, keyring & mouse
Gifts from Canada

I didn't stand a chance of actually keeping the moose & he's now taken up permanent residence in DDs' room. There was also a book on Canada but that's upstairs as I've just finished reading it & DH has nabbed it now.

 Hot Chocolate
Canadian Hot Chocolate

As a confirmed non-coffee or tea drinker it had to be hot chocolate

Koigu Sock pattern book
Koigu Sock pattern book

I've done swaps before & never had an overseas pal before - now I know why I've always wanted one! And the best for last:

Koigu sock yarn
Koigu sock yarn

Thank you so much CL for being a great pal & I look forward to staying in touch with you & eventually meeting up when we get over there. Also a big thanks to indieknits for organising it all.

Now I'm spoilt for choice over the yarn for my next sock project - my beautiful new Koigu or the beautiful Posh Yarns Cashmere that Piglottie gave me. It'll be a hard decision.


Mick said...

Lucky you. I love hot chocolate and especially the colour of the koigu - I'm very jealous. :) I always seem to miss these internet swaps on other sites to the forums I frequent...

terri said...

the koigu looks gorgeous!!!!! I have some in my stash but have never got round to using it,Mmmmmm! maybe later ;-)

Piglottie said...

I bow in awe at your generosity! I doubt I would have let the Fleece Artist out of my sight! But what a wonderful gift you've got, and the Koigu stuff is beautiful. Decisions, decisions!

Maybe you should use the Cashmere for a shawl ;-) You've got enough for the Forest Canopy Shawl...

Daisy said...

What a gorgeous parcel. Lovely lovely yarn!
Did you know that pop ups appear when I click on your comments link? I had the same problem and it came from my Webstats4u link.