Thursday, February 17, 2011

A few knitted stitches

are being done here amongst the sewing.

Toe up, two at a time socks just past the toes
Toe up, two at a time socks

This photo was taken at the weekend and they have grown since then. The yarn is Knit Picks 'Essential Tweed' in Plum which I think is discontinued now. It came from deep in my stash and was a present from my friend CL in Canada a few years ago. It's a lovely soft yarn but hopefully will be strong due to the 25% nylon content. I'm using 2mm needles for a nice dense fabric.


Daisy said...

It's a gorgeous colour.

Arianwen said...

cute toes! they are going to be great socks!

Modelwidow said...

What a lovely looking yarn - two at a time is definitely the best way to go - makes me think about getting my socks out again (the the yarns not a patch on yours).