Sunday, February 13, 2011

Which one would you like?

This post is for Arianwen but I'd also love to hear what other readers think.

I've been playing with my sewing machine and some 'upcycled' heavy weight upholstery fabrics recently & couldn't resist trying the Door Stop pattern from Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter:

green fabric door stop
green fabric door stop

or this one?

yellow fabric door stopyellow fabric door stop

The first would compliment your carpets and the second your newly upholstered suite.

The flower details are really pretty:

yellow flowered fabric
yellow flowers

green flowered fabric
green flowers

So Arianwen would you like a door stop to prevent cats getting trapped in a room? Or (like cats) do you even have room in your home for more than one?


Sharon said...

They are fab - and useful too :-)

The yellowy one would go well in my front room, LOL!

Sue said...

They look great!

Auntie Noo said...

They're both so pretty

Harrysmum said...

Ooo very cheery - I've got that book, must go & have another look at it!
I love they way you've made the flower go round the corner!

PS - the "word verification" on this comment was "perti" - kinda sums them up!!

franney said...

They are lovely, the yellow one is so sunshiney, it makes me smile just seeing it :o)

Arianwen said...

I love them both!!! Though I cannot tell a lie the green one is my favourite - but you knew that didn't you;)