Thursday, April 28, 2011

And another one

My youngest niece had her 11th birthday a couple of weeks ago. Her Mum had told me that E had been caught 'borrowing' make up in an attempt to look more grown up so I thought that she would appreciate a grown up make-up bag of her own:

hand made make up bag with fish fabric
Fish make up bag for E

The only stipulation from my SIL was that she likes blue. So I started with the fish fabric from Fabric Freedom but then ended up adding a solid purple & variegated pink to compliment the fish.

My modification of reducing the width of the lining by 3/4" is definitely the right thing to do:

photo showing the fabric lining of a make-up bag
lining of fish make-up bag

As previously the pattern is 'Cosmetic bag' from Quilting in No Time

Then I made a matching purse as girls can never have too many bags or purses:

zippy wallet
Fish purse

It is a neat little pattern and I thought the pocket would be good for a bus ticket. I added a line of top stitching just under the zip the same as one the make-up bag as I like to 'hold' the front in place and also a vintage Mother of Pearl button on the popper.

Pattern: Zippy Wallet by noodlehead

The lining has a different construction to that of the make up bag and I prefer it:

lining in zippy wallet
lining in zippy wallet

Both were well received and Mum has asked for the same for her birthday....


Daisy said...

Wish I had a niece, would love to have a go at something like that!

Arianwen said...

Gorgeous!!! love both the make up bag and purse. The fabric is stunning but, familiar. Was I with you when you bought it? Your pressie is in the post hope you like it.

Anna said...

oh cute! I love those fish! great job on the wallet and the make up bag. great gifts!

Alison said...

Oh those look great, am bookmarking for future reference!

Modelwidow said...

I'm not suprised mum has asked for a set herself they are lovely, and so neatly made.

Zany Quilter said...

I just saw your comment on my blog about the tumbler quilt (Zanyquilter). I think I used 2.5 yards of fabric for the backing and 1/2 yard for the binding. I hope this helps. Sorry it is so late but the comment was held up in a weird part of Blogger (since the post was more than 2 weeks old). Good luck!