Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More repeated projects

It seems that I'm unable to make something just once. After I'd finished the make-up bag for my friend DD came sidling up & asked if I'd make her one as "hand knitted socks have never been my thing"....

Red skulls make-up bag
Red skulls make-up bag

She loves it and I've now got another skull project lined up for her.

Then I made another one as a leaving present for a colleague:

Blue make-up bag
Blue make-up bag

Unlike the first one I made I'm much happier with the lining on these two and I've made it 3/4" narrower than the pattern suggests:

lining inside blue make-up bag
inside of blue make-up bag revealing lining

Pattern: Cosmetic bag from Quilting in No Time

It was also well received.


Arianwen said...

lovely bags specially love the one for dd though surprised you didnt thump her for socks comment:)

Daisy said...

Those look great.