Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Frogging here I come.....

Susoolu knows me so well! 5 minutes after finishing the Regia socks on Sunday evening I cast on for another pair. This time using Opal Rainforest in Tiger and the MagKnits pattern Jaywalker

Jaywalker in Tiger
Jaywalker in Tiger

So far so good I thought admiring the colours & the pattern until I realised that I had an odd number of stitches. Some how I've gone wrong on the end of the second round [between the two red lines] as that part of the pattern should be straight rather than pulling to one side & have so far lost 9 stitches

Jaywalker in Tiger - mistake
Jaywalker in Tiger - mistake

What have I done wrong? I found that I didn't have enough stitches to finish the last pattern repeat on the second row but the pattern does recreate the stitches which have been decreased - maybe I didn't read it correctly.

I promised DH that I'd post a picture of the moon from our backgarden (for which he got the camera out & then got collared into taking knitty pics so late at night)

Moon obscured by cloud
Moon obscured by cloud


the stripey tiger said...

OMG - Is that really the moon from your backyard?? What a great shot! It looks so different from our southern hemisphere moon. Love the opal tiger I'll have to get my hands on some of that one day....:-) Stripey

Carrieoke said...

The tiger yarn looks great in that pattern! I actualy had some stitch count issues with the pattern too, but it all worked out in the end.

Rain said...

Love the way the yarn is striping, shame you have to undo it.

Andrea said...

Don't talk to me about socks! You will have to show me the circular needle technique in Harrogate. The photo is great - he must have some serious zoom power on his camera!

Carolyn said...

The Tiger yarn looks great. And what a fabulous shot of the moon!

Antimony said...

It looks like you're omitting the increase at the end of the right side needle.

On 2 circs, on each needle, you should be doing 4 increases and two double decreases. One increase in the first stitch, one in each of the two middle stitches, and one in the last stitch.

That way, you're increasing 4 stitches, and decreasing 4 stitches on each pattern row, so your count stays constant.

Cara said...

Oh I think the tiger yarn looks great in that pattern! What a great idea!

Antimony has good advice - that's exactly how I do the Jaywalker on two circs.

Can't wait to see your progress. Thanks!

Bethe said...

I am loving that Tiger Opal with this pattern, they're GRRRRReat! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)