Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sick cats

I'm not the only one who has been ill here recently.


Tia (nearly 19) has been diagnosed with an over active thyroid gland coupled with liver + kidney failure. She's been on medication for nearly a week & is a lot perkier. She's lost a lot of weight in the past few months & is now really boney but just as squeeky as ever - she's always been a talker. She's having another blood test in a few weeks to see if the medication needs adjusting.

Pam hasn't had a mention on her before. She's a bit of a shy cat & lives in the garage. They've got heated beds, a radiator & a cat tray in there so it's not as bad as it first sounds. She moved out of the house when DD was born as she couldn't stand the noise


If you look carefully at the above photo you can just see a lump on her chest - the vet thinks it might be cancer She'll be 16 next May so an operation may be a problem but my vet is open to not operationing on her if he isn't satisfied that she's up to it. We also had her brother Morris until last year when he decided to move out & found a new home further down the street


Carla said...

I hope your cats get better soon. I know it really hurts when they are not doing so well.

Daisy said...

Oh no, lots of purrs to the cats.

Arianwen said...

Try not to worry about your lovely moggies Tigger our oldest had half of his thyroid out when he was 16 and is now on tablets for his kidneys and the rest of his thyroid. He loves the kidney tablets and will eat it off the floor.He is now 18 and still going strong!