Wednesday, April 18, 2007


We've been hit by a very unseasonal heatwave & it feels like mid summer at the moment. Very odd for mid April but we haven't had any rain for weeks & it's very hot indeed.

I spent last Saturday afternoon having fibre fun turning skeins of sock yarn into knitterable balls of yarn:

Winding yarn in the sunshine
Winding yarn in the sunshine

Monet did her usual & cooked herself:

cat sunbathing
Monet enjoying the sunshine

Whilst Pam decided to take the cooler option & sat inside on the doormat:

cat on doormat
Sensible cat

The huge tree at the bottom of the garden now has a trunk & the creeper is starting to die:

Tree with an ivy free trunk
Ash Tree?

The Red Robin looks splendid as always in the sunshine:

Red Robin or Christmas Berry

And I need to find the sunscreen, which is hiding in a box somewhere, to halt the erruption of freckles


the stripey tiger said...

Hi Blue, Somehow I missed your wonderful last post about moving in!! How horrible to find all that mess but I'm so glad every thing seems to be working out now! Your garden looks like such fun for the cats. Doing knitting things outside in the sunshine is fantastic isn't it!! :-) sharon xxx

Mary said...

It all looks lovely. Glad to hear you moved in OK and are getting settled.

Yvonne said...

I can imagine many happy hours will be spent sitting in that garden knitting! bet the animals loveit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about the mess you found the house in. I would be so embarrased to leave a house in that state. I hope you enjoy your new home, sounds as if the cats are settled, hopefully your daughter will settle into her school okay, sounds as if things are calming down for her anyhow. I have an 11 year old daughter, soon to be 12, she is an only child, apart from my stepchildren, but they don't live here anymore. We have been having hints of trouble, but she knows I have more patience than her and will sit down and explain how unreasonable her behaviour is until she gets it LOL, so its in her interest not to tick me off LOL

Happy knitting! Looking forward to seeing more photos of the dogs, I love that breed of dog.

Daisy said...

Enjoy the sunshine! Do you find the birds use your sunflower shaped feeder? I've got one just the same but they never seem to use it!rfdmmqgu