Sunday, April 22, 2007

Continuing our quest

to decrease the house & today we tackled the carpets. All are pale shades of cream & heavily marked with ???? which has caused black marks. We bought a carpet cleaner last week & today was the day!

dirty carpet
Dirty carpet in the conservatory

The instructions to the carpet cleaner said to pretreat the stains but we saw so many that we didn't know where to start apart from just doing the whole carpet.

cleaner carpet
Cleaner carpet in the conservatory

Much cleaner but still some black marks. We'll do it again in a few weeks but this time the marks will be pre-treated so hopefully they'll go soon. Mainly I've noticed the difference in smell, the carpets smell pleasant now rather than greasy.

I also cleaned the living room carpet but DH forgot to take an after pic so there's no point in showing the before. Plus just to demonstrate part of what we're trying to get rid of, a quick photo of a corner of the living room:

scribble on walls
pencil scribble

Plus the living room door:

Scribble on the doors
Scribble on the doors

Some knitting news tomorrow I promise as we had a day trip yesterday in honour of my birthday tomorrow


Purplegem said...

Can empathise on your feelings about your new house and it's condition you found it in - very similar happened to us (nearly 20 yrs ago in Nov) - we even had to leave our 2 children with my parents for 3 days while we maade the house fit and safe for them! We hadn't bargained on that! Funny, the old owners told us they had 3 hoovers and they all had broken!! (Didn't explain the animal mess around though - yeuchh!) We must like it here now though - we haven't moved yet!

I'm sure you will have it all sorted and feeling like your own house before many months are gone - Wishing you all happiness in your new home xx

Donna said...

Happy Birthday!! (It's already tomorrow here ;)