Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flowering around

I took part in a book swap recently on the Crafty Threads 'n' Yarns forum & sent to gilraen. I sent her the first of the Earth's Children series by Jean Auel as the series is a real favourite of mine & I return to the books again & again.

I also sent something else with it but had to keep it under £2 which was quite difficult:

Crocheted flower book marks
Crocheted flower book marks

Hello Mango taught me how to make the flower which is her own design & then I worked a chain & then secured a bead onto the chain with a few double crochets. The parcel was well received & she had to convinced her two year old son that the books marks were for Mummy! If they weren't so unsuitable for such a little tot I'd make him one just to keep the peace.

DD & her friend were with me when I wrapped up both the book & book marks & the pleading just went on & on & on & on....

so I made these the night before we went on holiday (as you do!):

Crocheted flower book mark
Cream cotton with a black glass bead for DD

Crocheted flower book mark
Purple cotton with a glass heart bead for DD

Crocheted flower book mark
Brown cotton with a yellow wooden bead for DD's friend

Crocheted flower book mark
Lilac cotton with a purple glass bead for DD's friend

Crocheted flower book mark
Orange cotton with a Fair Trade Wire bead from Africa for my friend who happens to the other childs mother

and finally one for me:

Crocheted flower book mark
Brown cotton with a cream wooden bead

A few more have been made since these photos were taken but I didn't want anymore photos. Just imagine different coloured cotton yarns with pretty beads & you've got it.


Steph said...

Nice idea - quick & easy to post - a perfect gift!

Arianwen said...

They are very nice. The book looks interesting too is it fiction??

Spinayarn said...

I have read all 5 of Jean Auel's books - very interesting mixture of fact and fantasy. I have 'The Mammoth Hunters' here if you would like it. Just email me your addy. It is book 3, slightly tatty but not too bad : )