Saturday, March 08, 2008

Only a month ago

Before everything went wrong, & we discovered that our daughter had had an an accident accident whilst skiing with the school & we lost Blue, DH & I had a short break holiday to Brugges. It now seems like our trip happened years ago but DH took some lovely photos that I really have to share them with you:



We both loved the architecture & spent the two days walking around & taking it all in.


We were very lucky with the weather & had beautiful sunshine & no wind.


Woman cycling in Brugges

DH made this sepia toned to give it a 1940's look.

We found the most amazing cafe for lunch & we'll be making a beeline for it on our next visit:

Lotus cafe

We walked to the North East corner of the city along the canal path to see the windmills:

Windmill in Brugges

DH spotted this photo opportunity & I wish I'd got an email address from them to send them a copy:

young lovers

We enjoyed a boat trip on the canals & saw the city from a different angle:


and for some knitting content:

Now frogged Waterfall Rib socks in Opal Rainforest Flamingo DK on the canal

Cyclists in Brugges

We sat down in a small park to kill half an hour before the coach left to go back to the ferry, DH spent the time trying to get the right shadows for the above photo whilst I enjoyed the swans (below).

Swans in Brugge

I managed to find 5 yarn shops but 2 were closed:

Yarn shop
Yarn shop in Brugge

Yarn was purchased but has yet to be photographed so for now remains a secret.

And for now for something completely different:

chocolate boobs
Chocolate boobs!

We did buy some Belgium chocolates but not any of these!


LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

Absolutely stunning photography...thankyou for sharing.
My heart just melted at the young lovers pic, what a perfect captured moment.

still, got to chuckle at the chocolate boobs...very err continental!

Mary-Lou said...

5 yarn shops in Brugge?! - I only know 3 of them ... if you have a chance, can you give me the details, as John & I are having a day out in April (guess what I'm going to be doing while the rest of them are going round the Half Moon brewery!)

dreamcatcher said...

Superb photos! Love those chocolate boobs, very artistic :-D

Aknita said...

What lovely photos :-)

Mr A and I are off to Bruges ourselves early next month, I am looking forward to it more than ever now.

Sandra said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Bruges looks lovely.

Donna said...

Lovely photos. Your husband is very talented with a camera!
Loved the chocolate!

modelwidow said...

Super photos, thanks for sharing. I've been told how lovely Brugge is and now I can see it's true - will be adding it to my list of places to visit - and if it has 5 yarn shops too, well it has to go pretty high on the list ;0)