Thursday, October 20, 2005

According to Google I need......

  1. a hug

  2. prayers

  3. to cheer up

  4. to be nominated for the Kennedy Center Honors

  5. to come over and turn your charming studio into a warehouse loft

  6. 1000 mg today, and I start my day with cereal and milk

  7. a wealthy husband who can provide me with the high life I crave whilst sheltering me

  8. a Roommate!

  9. to go to the rest room ? Who will protect me?

  10. a chance to spread my wings

The first I totally agree with.

I should explain that I share my first name with a number of VERY famous women. Also for the record, I'm happy with my husband (who wouldn't be with a guy who does the ironing???) but could do with a few more hugs - big hint when you read this DH

I found this meme on Sheep in the city & it was fun to do.

BTW - I changed the list into the first tense so that they made more sense.

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