Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm stuck - sock help please

I'm attempting my first sock after receiving Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles from my SP & using the Regia 6 ply from my SP5 with the help of some 30cm addis from a German Yarn shop.

my first sock
my first sock

So far so good or so I thought but now I'm stuck. I have 11g of yarn left after finishing the heel & have only done 9cm of the 22.5cm needed before I decrease for the toe. I'm using the free Regia pattern that came with the yarn & have size 7 feet. Am I going to run out of yarn??? Should I rip it out & start again using a toe up pattern? I want to do this next but thought I'd start off with an easy pattern. I was really nervous about the heel but it's fine with no holes on the instep. The two circs are working well & there are no ladders at all.

Opinions please from experienced sock knitters before I rip it out un-necessarily.


Daisy said...

How much yarn did you start off with? 100g or 150g?

blueadt said...

It was a 50g ball & I had to wind a bit off inorder to get the colour to match with the other ball. This other bit weighs 4g so all together I have 15g but it won't match :-(

Donna said...

Well, at least if you have to add in the odd bit, it will be inside the shoe so no-one will know except you.
I can't say for sure, but it sounds a bit close to me. I usually figure that the leg is about as long as the foot, so at the heel I should have used half the yarn. My first half a dozen pairs were toe up socks, but now I generally work top down.

Kim said...

You could tear it out to the heel and put it an afterthought heel. Knit straight to the toe (like a tube sock), but put in a piece of waste yarn where you want the heel to go. It's the way I always make my socks when I use variegated yarn. When you knit in the heel, you can use the bit of yarn that doesn't match the pattern. There's a picture in my blog - July 1st - of how they look when they're done.

And I need an ADT fix - puppy pictures!! :-)

the stripey tiger said...

I know nothing about knitting socks!!! So Sorry I cant help but man they are a lairy colour. They'll be such fun to wear. How long till your yarn fair?? :-) Stripey

Daisy said...

I think it's meant to take 150g of Regia 6ply to make an adult pair, so you'll need more than one ball to make one sock! Not sure how to help with the matching though, as I've only just started knitting my first 6ply in a similar pattern! (and that's for a baby jumper).

minxxy said...

I knitted a pair of sock with this same colourway and ply and needed 3 balls