Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Winter scarves & sock progress

Tess from Angel Yarns sent me a freebie a while ago with something that I'd ordered. 50g in a dark pink. DD saw it as I opened the package & immediately jumped on it stroking it against her face, begging me to make her something as the yarn was soooooo soft even though it was pink & she refuses to wear girly colours. I had intended to make a small neck shrug but 50g wasn't quite enough so I rang Tess & ordered another ball. She didn't have any black in (DD's favourite colour) so I got a dark purple. However when it was finished she totally refused to wear it as it was just too girly!! So guess who's got a new scarf!

Purple & pink scarf
Purple & pink scarf

So yesterday afternoon I cast on for a new scarf for DD, using up two balls of Laines Du Nord Korall, a gorgeous Merino that had been lurking in my stash cupboard. There have been lots of posts recently on UK Handknitting about curly scarves so I created one for DD as I was curious about its construction.

Curly scarf
Curly scarf

It was very close & I had a few bits left over. The last few rows took ages as I had 474 stitches on one 80cm circular needle & I finished it today whilst supervising DD & her friend create Master Pieces which involved tubs of glue & lots of 'bits'. The glue could have gone everywhere a risk I wasn't willing to take so I had to stay downstairs & supervise them rather than do the housework upstairs. Details of both a knitted & crochet versions can be found here here.

I've also finished the first sock Regia 6 ply from my SP5

First sock finished
First sock finished

I ended up ordering another ball of Regia 6 ply from Angel Yarns as I got this far with the first 50g ball The original 50g took me to the 1st decrease round for the toe which can been seen in the last black stripe. So that I don't suffer from Second Sock Syndrome I've already cast on for the second sock:

Second sock
Second sock


KnitYoga said...

I bet DD will love the curly whirly scarf. It looks great and I love the colour, too.

Anne said...

i love the colour of your socks and the scarf too- very liquorice allsorts!

Andrea said...

Love the curly whirly scarf - must do one myself. Also the socks are looking great - hope my 1st pair come out as good when I get around to actually doing them!

Emily said...

Sorry i didnt send you enough of the sock yarn! They are looking fantastice though. Ive always wondered about knitting socks on circulars as i hate knitting them on dpns, What length needle do you use? so i can order myself some!

blueadt said...

Hi Emily

That's ok. I think it's because it's 6 ply - I'm sure 4ply easy provide enough in 50g for one sock. I bought the 30cm addi turbo circs from a German company (link in in a recent post somewhere)as I couldn't get them in England. 40cm's would work very well as well. I ordered online but couldn't sort out the credit card payment stuff so rang the company. He had limited English & my German is none existant but we managed ok.

littlelixie said...

Long live curly whirlies!