Sunday, February 12, 2006

Busy weekend

As usual in the blueadt house we've been really busy. The loft is now practically empty with a few things up there that are there to stay plus my yarn stash That will be coming down again in a couple of weeks when I've got some new storage boxes & will thereafter live in the spare room where I can get access to it easily.

DH & DD were up & down the ladder yesterday to the loft & I own up to only going up once just to see how empty it was as I'm petrified of heights. I was kept busy trying to get rid of all our unwanted junk on Freecycle - just over half has gone now including the bigger items & the rest will end up at a charity shop by the end of the week if nobody else wants it.

DD (who is currently grounded for a week due to being a little brat so no swimming - read Monday & Tuesday nights at home for me - Yay!!! ) is on cloud 9 as the RSPCA rang this morning to say that they have a hamster available. She's wanted one for the past 5 years ever since Charlie died & we asked her to wait until the extension was finished & it'll join my stash in the spare room - (but not to bed down in - I'll make sure of that). I didn't want the cage to go in her room in case it keeps her awake at night & daren't have it downstairs as the dogs would love to 'hunt hamster'. An Inspector is coming tomorrow afternoon to see if we're suitable & hopefully I'll be able to collect it on Friday. Apparently it was found in a park as some dimwit had released it 'into the wild'.

DD has now gone to bed armed with plently of reading material to learn how to look after it. I know that the majority of care will fall to me but I like hamsters so don't mind. We were offered two beautiful gerbils when we went to the RSPCA but I can't stand rodent tails so had to refuse. She's is also debating what name to give it - gender isn't known yet but so far it's a toss up between Ron & Ginny - I suggested Harry but that met utter distain.

No knitting but instead I've been crocheting. Hello Mango helped me with a pattern on Friday night at knitting group & I'm now on row 6 of a beanie hat for DD. The yarn is Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran in red. Photos soon.

We nearly had a very miserable & cold weekend. When he got up yesterday morning DH realised that the central heating boiler (housed in the garage) had died - upon hearing this news I snuggled down under the duvet again & didn't venture out into the bedroom. Within an hour he had removed the broken part, bought a new part which was expensive & replaced it so the house is nice & warm again.

Don't you just love practical guys!

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susoolu said...

You have been busy! And the stash is liberated from the loft, yippee. Terrific news about the hamster for DD, and kudos to DH for fixing the boiler (and clever you for staying under the duvet).