Thursday, February 23, 2006

looking back & to the future

Tomorrow is a significant date for me - 24th February 1989 was the day I was made homeless by my mother aged 17 years old and it was 17 years ago (yes I'm 34 now) plus it was also a Friday. I left her flat with a few things in a bag and my two dogs: Tess (x breed was about 5 years old) & Libby my first Airedale was 13 weeks old. I had no idea where I was going to sleep that night & was still at school studying my 'A' levels.

I was scared & totally freaked out. I had endured so much sh*t from her all my life that in one way I was relieved that I didn't have to pretend anymore that she was a good mum & that she might change. However I had hardly any money, nowhere to sleep & two dogs to care for - they kept me going. It was also very cold being February.

I ended up staying with dog loving friends for the weekend, then my grandparents for a couple of weeks & then moved in with another friend so that I could finish school. My grandparents kept Tess (& I never got her back ) & Libby stayed with me. I initally left my cats with my mother but took them back when I found them living in awful conditions when I returned a few months later to collect my stuff. So Tia is my last link with my childhood.

It was very hard but I got through it & came out the otherside a stronger person. I totally messed up my exams 4 months later but that's not surprising really.

I think this prehaps explains why I love animals. As a child my dog gave me unconditional love, didn't shout at me or let me down & was always pleased to see me. It's just as well DH is an animal lover too as I could never get rid of them.

So I'm really pleased that on this 'special' anniversary that I've got something good to look forward to. Tomorrow morning I'm heading over to West Yorkshire & Skip North. I've met quite a few of the attendees before & am looking forward to a fun filled, relaxing weekend which is a HUGE improvement on 17 years ago


Yvonne said...

Have a fantastic weekend - really wish i could have been there!

RoxyKnits said...

Quite a similarity. My dad chucked me out at 16 the night before my O levels. I ended up staying at a B&B with my boyfriend during my exams and eventually we got a place together.

We get on fine now (my dad that is, the BF went yonks ago) but boy oh boy do I not take any crap from anyone!

I agree having a household full of animals kind of makes up for lack of childhood cuddles and affection.

No wonder we're such independent Taurean's!

susoolu said...

Here's to anniversaries, both good and bad.

Have a wonderful time skipping north, you deserve it.

Tracy said...

I can only imagine how completely soul destroying that must have been, Tia is a special cat in more ways than one. Have the best time ever at Skip North and block out any nasties. Sending you a big cyber hug!

Daisy said...

Hope you have a totally fab weekend - you deserve it! Say hello to all the yarn for me!

scarletprincess said...

Spoil yourself rotten! It's the only advice I have since you have dealt with something so traumatic so well!
Have a good weekend
Fi x

Carolyn said...

You should be proud of coming through such a traumatic time. And I couldn't agree more about animals. Total, unconditional, unjudgemental love, no matter what.

Have a great weekend.

wren said...

My heart goes out to you. You should be so proud of yourself for coming through such a traumatic time. Hope you had a brilliant time at Skip North. Your animals will be so pleased to see you on your return.

sue margolis said...

Hello this is from Sue from the weekend I could not find you e mail address so I hope you find this-the book is called 'My life in Orange' by Tim Guest. Amazon has second hand copies from 30p
I hope you are well the house was a tip when I got home and the dog will not leave my side-she takes it as a personal insult I went away. If you read the book I would love to hear what you think