Saturday, February 11, 2006

Loft clearance

DH has finally nearly finished the house & before he relays the cream stair carpet & same in the spare room we had to empty the loft.

Oh my god - I can't believe we've kept so much stuff. The vast majority of it has been offered on Freecycle & I'm now waiting for emails from people who want it. Our living room floor is totally covered (no pics as it's a TOTAL mess) so I hope we get some offers soon. Plus loads of empty boxes which will have to sit in the garage until we can fit them in the bin over the next few weeks.

The one thing that I'm pleased to uncover is my old knitting basket. Lots of UFO's including a baby jumper which just needs one more sleeve in cream & terricota dk cotton. Other UFO's I don't want will be frogged & the needles freed.

Update - just had an enquiry for the smallest item I hope the rest goes soon.

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