Monday, March 19, 2007

Unhappy Mothers Day

Before I had children I had visions of quality time spent with my child/ren, painting & other messy fun when small & other more grown up but equally enjoyable activities as they got older. I knew that there would be strops & other 'difficult' times but didn't ever think that I'd have days like yesterday.

I should have been celebrating Mothers Day and as I have a child should (IMHO) have had a lovely easy day; breakfast in bed, showered with home-made gifts & generally had a lovely enjoyable day with my family.

Instead the child from hell was in our home, shouting & causing a lot of unhappiness. I don't know if it's hormonal, stress because we're due to move soon, fear about the house move or even guilt as she knows we're moving to get her into the school of our + her choice - or quite probably a turbulent mixture of all of these Whatever is causing it can't be as bad as the effect she's having on all of us.

Lets just say that DH made breakfast but ended up throwing his onto the kitchen work surface & storming out the house as he'd had enough. DD screamed, shouting BOG OFF to all & sundry (I blame Tracy Beaker for that one) & stropped whilst I spent the day upstairs in our bedroom knitting & feeling thoroughly miserable.

Gifts did come my way but only because I rang Get Knitted late last week & using our joint account treated myself to a few goodies:

Knitters Gifts
Knitters Gifts

I suppose I should be grateful that we only ever had one child....


Donna said...

I'm sorry it had to be so bad on Mother's Day. Celebrate it again when we have ours (in May). Despite many people telling me I should have had more than one child, I can honestly say that I've never regretted the decision to stop at one.
Sending hugs and peaceful thoughts.

dreamcatcher said...

Sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment, and doubly sorry that Mother's Day turned out so stressful. I'm glad you took a little time out and got yourself some knitterly treats from GK, goodness you deserve them!

Lyndsey-Jane said...

I'm sorry all was not well yesterday, but on the upside ym 'episodes' when I was a teenager make your daughter look like a saint and apparently I've grown up to be a nice human being, or so i'm told.

Scottishf said...

Sorry to hear about your day. Hopefully things will get easier as she gets older, I know I could be really awful to my parents too when I was a teenager. I'm glad you got some nice treats for yourself, they look fab.

Anni said...

I do feel for you. I assume your daughter is a teen or pre-teen. I've got girls who are nearly 9 and 12 and some days are just hell. And I wish they'd never discovered Tracey Beaker. We have some horrendousscreaming matches in this house. I spent Mother's Day afternoon (3 hours) in a cold church hall getting my daughters ready for ballet exams. They did 2 each and I had to put up with tehir nerves and an extremely stroppy, stressed out ballet teacher. Ithink also with days like MOthers Day we build it up and then it endsup being a let down. I hope your DD grows out of her stroppy moods soon, but I can so identify with what you went through with ehr on Sunday. I've had lots of times like that with my eldest.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your Mothering Sunday was as glorious as mine. Chin up, they leave home eventually according to legend;)


Aknita said...

Well mine's 21 and still at home!!!! A beautiful young woman has emerged after all these years - we still have "moments" but they are thankfully few and far between. Thing is I did see myself there at times!!! ;)

It's hard to go through, and I found that the more patient and understanding I tried to be, the more wound-up she would get. When things have blown over, why not have some special girls bonding time to make up for Mothering Sunday. You BOTH deserve it you know!

Zoƫ said...

Sorry you have had a bad day. If it's any consolation mine is being a little pain lately as well. It must be something in the water.

I would certainly ban Tracy Beaker. My neice is awful when she watches it. I think it is a horrible programme.

Chin up.

modelwidow said...

They all have their moments, hopefully yours` will pass soon. Sometimes I`m glad we don`t `do` Mothers day, then I don`t get upset when it doesn`t work out.

Sending best wishes and hoping things have improved.

RoxyKnits said...

Sorry you had such a bad time on Mothers day. Teenagers can be so awful.

Hope things are better now ;)

Your stash from Get Knitted looks lovely. Retail therapy can be so good!

blog-blethers said...

I recognise those kind of days too ... having just survived DD1 and SS1's adolescent 'joys' ... now entering same period with DD2 (fondly known as Vicki Pollard) and SS2 ... and when we've survived this round, we have SS3 waiting in the wings:0) Kid's can be such a contraceptive at times, eh?? Hope she is now feeling more settled in her new home