Friday, July 15, 2005

Correction on the correction

I've had an email from Debbie Bliss!

I had emailed Designer Yarns re 'my correction' & received a reply this morning:

"Thank you for our message which has been passed on to me from Designer
Yarns.I am delighted to hear that you have made the entrelac shawl and do
hope you are pleased with it.
Regarding the purl up, this means that you pick up the stitches "purlwise"
as you are working on the wrong side of the project."

I'm really impressed that Debbie has taken the time to reply to me personally & explained the pattern. I've never heard of 'purl up' before & thought that the pattern should have read 'pick up' as there was no other way that you could knit along that side of the base triangle.

I love this pattern as it's great fun & totally addictive. In addition to Entrelac I've also never done short rows before & was a bit nervous about doing them but they're so easy.

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