Thursday, July 21, 2005

Off & Away

We're setting off tomorrow morning for our summer holiday - just over two weeks in Sunny Dorset this year. I doubt I'll be able to access the internet but if I do will try do a quick post. My Dad lives near Lyme Regis & we're staying about 20 minutes away in the caravan for the first week. I've got a fossil tour booked to teach us how to search for them on Sunday so I'm sure we'll be spending lots of time looking at rocks. The second week will see us moving futher in land to a site near Dorchester. We're going to visit Monkey World & lots of the National Trust properties in the area.

Knitting wise I'll be finishing the French Market bag & continuing the Entrelac Shawl. I've abandoned the latter this past week as I've gone wrong but can't find out how. Instead of 11 cables somehow I've got 12 in one rectangle & 11 and a half in another - the middle rectangle has a perfect 11 but I've got to rip back to the first which is very annoying. I got a second opinion yesterday but my friend couldn't see how I'd gained the extra stitches either. So a frogging I must go.

It's been a very busy week here in Blueadt land. Firstly my DD finished school today. Her school report was glowing but the report on PE made me laugh. According the school my DD

"is an extremely accomplished swimmer and can exercise all 4 strokes with ease."

and the school are claiming credit!!!!!

For those who are new to my blog my DD swims competitvely with the local swimming club & has represented her city on a number of occasions. She's had school swimming lessons this term & was very very bored as she wasn't allowed a lane to herself to plough up & down. She'll never make Olympic standard unless she really starts working her butt off but is a very good swimmer for a 9 year old.

She had her Sports Day yesterday & I was a very proud mum as she won the 'Egg & Spoon Race" - what an achievement! She was such a happy little girl. She'd been practising for the past month & had liberated a spoon from the kitchen & practised with a bouncy egg.

We've also come to the decision that we're going to finish the house & then move. Our neighbours are extremely loud & we can't take it anymore.

Finally on to the events in London this afternoon - I'm so glad that the bombs didn't work - the criminals who carried out the attacks today failed in their attempt to kill more innocent people. Thank god.


Donna said...

Enjoy your holiday!

Becky said...

Have a lovely holiday and well done to your daughter - the egg and spoon race is one of the most difficult I always found ! Are you thinking that she might try to get to the Olympics with her swimming one day ? wouldn't that be exicting.

Well enjoy your holiday and I hope the weather is lovely for you. Good luck with the entrelac shawl.

Daisy said...

Have a wonderful holiday!

Amelia said...

Come back soon, I can't wait to see how the entrelac shawl looks. It's certainly off to a beautiful start. I hope you have a fantastic time!

littlelixie said...

I'm tagging you! There is a thing about idiosyncracies on my blog that is a kind of chain-blog thing. Post yours if you dare!

Noo said...

I hope you don't mind, but I have chosen you to be tagged! Please list five personal idiosyncrasies on your blog and then chose five other people to tag. You can get the general idea on my blog.