Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What's going on?

My boss mentioned today that his wife was held up entering the city at lunch time as the main approach road from the motorway had been reduced to one lane. As she crawled through the road block policemen stood on either side & looked into each & every car as they went past.

Whoa - my immediate thought is a terrorist threat & that they must have intelligence or a tip off.

But there's been nothing on the local or national news at all. So now I'm wondering if it really happened or was it due to an accident. BUT why would policemen be looking into cars as they crawled past????


Becky said...

Perhaps it is something to do with all the information that is being unearthed about those dreadful perpetrators of the bombings - perhaps they were look for someone in particular - maybe.

running_half_free said...

People are just being over protective now-a-days. Who knows, maybe they were just bored lol!