Friday, July 08, 2005

Knitting progress

What an day - last night I realised that I was running out of the Jamiesons Super chunky black & needed another skein of Chunky shetland from Moondance Wools. Margie promised to sent it out this morning & also to hold a skein of the purple back for me in case I run out of that as well. The pattern is for aran weight but I've changed mine to the Chunky shetland as I'd already bought the yarn & loved it. I changed from dpns to circulars when I reached 32 stitches on each needle & am now up to 46 per quarter. Below is my latest progress which is a better photo than before as you can see the colour properly.

Blue & Annie
French Market Bag

Then today I took delivery of a bargain cone of Debbie Bliss's Baby Cashmerino. A Canadian friend who also loves Airedales is expecting a baby girl & we share the love of purple amongst other things. 'Grandma to be' is a knitter so I'm keeping 400g myself to knit the Entrelac Shawl for the new arrival.

Baby Cashmerino
Baby Cashmerino

The rest of the cone 333g is going to 'Grandma to be' to be turned into a variety of garments.

Baby Cashmerino
Baby Cashmerino

I'd also ordered some Mernio DK in purple with a contrasting blue - I was very disappointed with the blue.

DK Merino
DK Merino

So that will be used for a winter scarf for the little boy who is also receiving the awful cardigan. The purple is going to 'Grandma to be' with the cone & hopefully she'll be able to get a better contrasting yarn in Canada.

Tomorrow morning should hopefully bring the extra skein of Chunky shetland from Moondance Wools. Plus the pattern for the Entrelac Shawl in the Baby Cashmerino book from from Tess at Angel Yarns.

Tonight was the 4th meeting of 'In Stitches' & we had four new people including an accomplished Crocheter who is also exploring spinning. We also had another newby who learnt two cast on's, knit, purl & casting off by the end of the night. This is all without any publicity this month as my life has been far too busy - I must get posters sorted out next week for our August meeting as we're going on holiday to Dorset soon for two weeks in the caravan. Hence the Entrelac Shawl as I think it'll be good summer knitting.


Andrea said...

The market bag is coming along nicely.

But what's this? Starting the shawl before finishing the bag? ha - I knew you'd cave in and have more than one WIP on the go at a time!

Becky said...

I've always fancied that shawl - have you done entrelac before ? My husbands' grandma was always trying to get me to try it and I never did - now unfortunately she has passed away so she isn't around to pass her skills on to me anymore - I'm sorry I didn't take her up on her offer now.

blueadt said...

Thanks for the comments

- Andrea

I've actually now got 4 WIP's if you include the awful cardigan - details are in the photo gallery. But I tend to knit one a time - if that makes sense. Can't carry on with the bag as I've run out of yarn :-( so it seemed a perfect reason to start another!

- Moo

No I've not done Entrelac before & it's driving me potty. I've just spoken to a knitty friend & she's told me that the joined curled bit is normal & that it will sort itself out eventually. So I'm cautiously continuing & hoping that I'm not wasting my time.