Tuesday, July 05, 2005

De-Junking & more

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but we've been very busy at home. We've been de-junking the house, garden & garage & it feels good. We've had piles of bricks & blocks left over from the extension & even some from when DH built our kitchen in 2000!

So DH spent the day on Saturday removing the old bath from what is now a hallway & on Sunday went back & forth to the landfill tip taking ours & a friends' rubbish using a trailer borrowed from his sisters husband. The dogs now have a lot more room to run in the garden & it's a lot easier for me to keep it clean. He can sod off though if he thinks he's touching my yarn stash!

We've also rearranged DD's room - the very posh bargain desk from Ikea is now in the living room (I'm sat at it now) & she's got my old childhood desk. This means that she's got a lot more playing space in her bedroom & may even have a chance of keeping her room tidy but don't get too hopeful. She likes to live like a slob & I regulary have to go in & search for dirty washing - I once found a sock thrown up into the uplighter hanging from the ceiling!

I've also signed up to a local Freecycle Group & tonight collected a toddlers swing for my friends son - the same little boy that I've knitted the cardigan. I had a beautiful wooden dolls bed with a red & white gingham cover & pillow that DD no longer played with. I had been searching for somebody to give it to & it now has a good home. Not too far from me there is a little girl who had grown out of her swing but now has a new bed for her babies! I can imagine that she was very fussy tonight putting them to bed.

I had a great day last Friday as I met a knitting friend in York. We spent the day shopping & browsing shops. I found some brilliant buttons from Duttons for Buttons, some goodies from Lush & some things for my Secret Pal but no more on that one!

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