Tuesday, December 13, 2005

back on track...

Thanks everybody for your kinds words. I'm ok now but am sporting a wonderful bruise which is so striking that DH called me a Zebra last night! I had already promised a friend that I'd give her dog a wash & blow dry on Sunday so did it plus my two. I was standing all day so it wasn't too bad but by the time I got to work on Monday & had to sit at my desk all day - I was in agony. However I'm not going to take time off unless I'm really sick & painkillers are useful things.

The kids knitting club at school was fun tonight. Susoolu wasn't there tonight as she has a migrane - I hope you're feeling better soon. I had 5 kids including DD & they all had a great time. It was a race to finish their finger knitted scarves but all but one were finished & the one who wasn't is a friend of DD & is coming to our house on Thursday she can finish it then. After Christmas they'll be back on to two needles & I'm still trying to source some decent yarn in nice colours for them. If anybody has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

I've been watching recently how people come across my blog. Most are from other blogs or searches on a variety of search engines including Google. Search terms are normally knitting or Airedale related but there are a few others:

To the person who regularly visits by searching 'blueadt' I'd like to say hello and am wondering if I know you - if I do please let me know who you are.

However to the person in Canada who used the following search on Google:

lick my instep

Forget it - I definately don't want to know you. I can do many things but feet isn't one of them!


Becky said...

So glad you are feeling better. Licking insteps sounds like an intersting pastime !

Daisy said...

Glad you're feeling better. The kids knitting club sounds like fun, wonder if my Ranger company would like to learn to knit?

Carolyn said...

Sorry to read about your accident - that sounds really painful.

Looking on the bright side, at least you should be fit again by the end of next week, and able to cook the Christmas dinner ;)

Andrea said...

What I want to know is how your blog came up from the "lick my instep" google?:)

blueadt said...

'Lick my' came from a post which featured one of our cats Monet. She was in my arms when DH took the photo & kept trying to lick my nose & cheek.

'instep' from picking up stitches for a sock.

The other results are mucky & I bet the searcher was a bit freaked to find a knitting blog featuring so highly in the returned results!

Yvonne said...

OK - what weight yarn do you need? What colours? What fibre? I'm due to have a major sort out and there must be something here of use!

Bryony said...

Lol! If it is any comfort to you, someone found my blog by searching for 'misty boob mag'. Goodness knows what they expected to find with that (maybe a page 3 girl called Misty?) but they won't have wanted my blog...

Anyway, hope the bum gets better soon - I fell down the stairs once and bruised my cocyx and couldn't move properly for a month, so do be careful about moving around while you are on the pain killers. The docs can give you some extra strength ones for it, and it really is worth it, but just don't push it in case you have done anything more than bruising.

Take care pet.