Thursday, December 22, 2005

Getting ready for Christmas

DH & I have finished work - Yipee!!! DD finished school yesterday & is hyper. The tree is up (last Sunday), cards have been posted & all I've got left to do is wrap presents which is happening tomorrow morning whilst both DH & DD are out.

I've hardly been knitting recently as I've been really busy & have a bit more to do before finishing the Chain Mail scarf in Sirdar Firefly but it won't take long.

We've just come back from a trip to the supermarket & I want to know why do people turn into complete idiots behind a trolley??? I'm fed up with having a trolley shooved against my butt whilst I was stuck behind someone else, pushing harder will not make me move if I've got nowhere to go. And to the woman who crushed 3 knuckles on my left hand as she rammed her trolley into a space far too small - your card is marked, I'll be looking out for you next year!


wendy said...

What peeves me is why do people feel the need to stock up with six months supply of food when the shops are open again on Tuesday...sad
Hate supermarkets this time of year its like fairground dodgems...

Bogart said...

Merry Christmas to Blue & Annie (and ok, to the people too)!!!