Friday, December 30, 2005

Sirdar Scarves + more

Chain Mail is finished:

Red Firefly Chainmail
Red Firefly Chainmail

2x 25g Sirdar Firefly in red
20 stitches.
8mm needles
Garter stitch
Keep going until you finish all the yarn.

I love the effect but got very bored knitting it. However my MIL loves it so it was worth it.

Crocheted Curly Whirley:

Crocheted Curly Whirley Scarf
Crocheted Curly Whirley Scarf

1 x 100g Sirdar Wow in Mulberry - all used
2 x 50g Sirdar Funky Fur in Valentino - 9g left
2 x 50g Sirdar Denim Tweed in pink - 49g left

Firstly using a 9mm crochet hook I did a long chain in Sirdar Wow & then worked two Treble chains into each stitch. I learnt how to do this at the crochet workship run by the Knitting & Crochet Guild which I attended with Andrea whilst at the The Knitting & Stitching show. I then consulted Hello Mango & she gave me some crocheting advice which gave me to confidence to carry on.

Double stranding the Sirdar Funky Fur & Sirdar Denim Tweed & using a 7mm hook I repeated this for another row. Finally using the two yarns together again I did single trebles into each stitch.

This has been my first crochet project & kept me busy for two afternoons & evenings whilst watching TV - perfect post-Christmas crafting!

Crocheted Curly Whirley Scarf circle
Crocheted Curly Whirley Scarf circle

Best of all all 3 yarns used were stash inhabitants & have now left my cupboard! A friend of mine has been having a tough time recently & it'll be a hug from me to keep her warm.

Now a sneak preview of what I'm currently working on.

I'd also like to wish everybody a Happy New Year. I can't have a drink tonight to bring in the New Year as I'm on medication but the Champagne is on ice for tomorrow night!

BTW: I wrote a draft of this post yesterday with the yarn details etc but posted today on 31/12/5. However the date still says 30/12/5 & I can't find anyway of changing it - any ideas??? The time is also incorrect.


Daisy said...

Happy New Year!

KnitYoga said...

Great scarves! If you open your post as if to edit and then scroll right down to the bottom, you'll see Post and Comment Options. If you click on this, it allows you to change the date and time of your post Happy New Year!
Hazel x

MrsFife said...

Came over from Secret Pal 7 and saw your query about changing the date and time. When you go to and click on your blogname, it should give you a list of your posts. Click on the "Edit" button beside the post you want to change and you'll be taken to the Edit page. Below the text box, there should be an option saying "Post and comment options" with an arrow. Click on that and you can change date, and time!
Hope that helps.