Sunday, December 04, 2005

Finished objects & the Big Reveal continues...

Ages ago I knitted Daisy in Pattons 100% Cotton for a pregnant Airedale loving friend in Canada. The cardigan has been finished for a while but needed some flowers sewing on which means a delay as I don't like sewing. But finally I've kicked my butt into gear & it's finished:


The Entrelac Shawl which was intended for the same baby is however still unfinished I should have chosen this project more carefully as entrelac in 4 ply does NOT make good poolside knitting.

However I do have something else to go in the parcel:

Purple Velvet Ribbon Tie Bootees
Purple Velvet Ribbon Tie Bootees

Knitted in Jaeger Baby Merino & the pattern is from 50 Baby Bootees to Knit as is the pattern for these:

Regia Passion Textured-Cuff Booties
Regia Passion Textured-Cuff Booties

These were knitted in Regia 6 ply sent to me by my SP5. I had some bits left over as I had to buy another ball due to running out of yarn on my first pair of socks, so put them to good use. As I'm using left overs I couldn't get them to match but I think they look cute anyway. Typically the first one was knitted a while ago & the second today whilst sitting watching DD swim at a gala. During this same gala I also sent a text message to a certain person as today being December 4th was reveal day - I've been spoiling Lixie & I think she's enjoyed it


handknit168 said...

Oh! yr knitted baby bootie is very cute. I like them.

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Daisy said...

Lovely lovely baby stuff. And a pattern called Daisy - very cool! The booties are adorable.

the stripey tiger said...

Oh i love the booties - were the regia ones knitted from 50 bootees to knit too?? ps i love that they dont match. :-)

Anne said...

Those are gorgeous - I love the cardi.

Anne said...

(and the bootees!)

Zoë said...

Love the bootees! This is Zoë from In Stitches by the way! I have just resurrected my feel free to say hi!

Andrea said...

Love the cardi and bootees - good to see them on here at last!:)

Sorry can't help you with your socks - they're looking good so far as well - hope you get some advice.